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    Pickering UC1, UC2 & UC3 | ?m | 31s | Chestnut Hill | Kirkor

    Crane for Tower3 came down last week. Will try to snap a picture next time I’m in the area.
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    Pickering 640 Liverpool Road | ?m | 3s | Liverpool Road LP | Cassidy + Company

    Too add: demolition has started on the site.
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    Pickering Brookdale Centre Redevelopment | 115m | 35s | Tribute | Turner Fleischer

    O man the local Facebook page is going to go crazy. Pickering is more NIMBY than any area in Toronto by far…..
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    Pickering 1515 Pickering Parkway | 131.22m | 40s | Sevoy Developments | Arcadis
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    Pickering UC1, UC2 & UC3 | ?m | 31s | Chestnut Hill | Kirkor

    Photo 1: looking south from HBC parking lot Photo 2&3: looking north-east from the plaza next door. Photo 4: looks like they’ve created an overflow and shoreline for Krosno Creek
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    Toronto Kingside Residences | 34.5m | 10s | Altree | Kohn

    The Days-Inn Motel on site is now closed
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    Toronto Nahid on Kennedy | 39.7m | 12s | Nahid Corporation | Wayne Long

    Currently, the complainant would have to pay $2,548,547.92 to have the permit released.
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    Toronto 2200 Islington | 5.94m | 2s | RICE Group | Turner Fleischer

    Now that the thread is about Costco pricing, the online pricing is always higher vs the in store pricing due to them baking in “free shipping” into the prices
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    Toronto 2200 Islington | 5.94m | 2s | RICE Group | Turner Fleischer

    So at one point you complain there’s no sidewalks, but then complain the sidewalks that are there are so wide for the 1 person a day that’ll be walking there 🫣…so you want sidewalks or you don’t? The rest of the post you complain about what Canadian Tire and Costco sell. What does that have to...
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    Shopper's World Danforth (RioCan, ?s, ?)

    “”Of note, Lowes/RONA will create many empty boxes; the Nordstrom boxes still need filling; and another large Canadian retailer will add to the pile of vacant boxes early in '24. Sorry to be a bit tight lipped on that one, but can't say anything else yet.“” I’ll assume it’s Saks / Saks off 5th...
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    Toronto 705 Warden Avenue | 63.4m | 19s | CreateTO | superkül

    With Chow announcing all these sites for affordable housing I really wish they would use this site plan vs the 3 building plan with the massive park. I still remember Tory holding a presser here in October 2021 about housing coming soon to the site…it’s now October 2023 and all that’s happened...
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    Toronto 40 Bushby | ?m | 59s | CreateTO

    I like the density but…It’ll turn into CreateTO vs BuildTO and we’ll end up with 1 tower and a big park. Look at what happened with the north parking lot at Warden Station.
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    Toronto 184 Chatham | 14.95m | 4s | Icarus Developments | RAW Design

    Very much West Hollywood vibe it I like it. Need more infill like this on residential streets near subway lines.
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    Toronto Scotiabank Arena Renovations | ?m | ?s | MLSE | BBB

    So more spots for the suits to NOT watch the games, perfect! LOL
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    Mismanaged City of Toronto Infrastructure Projects

    How about Kingston/Morningside rebuilding of the sidewalks and curbs that’s been going on for months and 2 lanes of traffic blocked east and west…
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    Toronto The Narrative Condos | 42.15m | 11s | Crown Communities | Kirkor

    Crane is up, looks so odd from the 401.
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    Pickering Pickering City Centre | 174m | 55s | CentreCourt | Diamond Schmitt

    1000% they did. You should see the Pickering Facebook groups lol. They go absolutely insane over everything, even if it’s someone building an addition to their home…
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    Pickering Pickering City Centre | 174m | 55s | CentreCourt | Diamond Schmitt
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    Pickering Pickering City Centre (Block 1) | ?m | 55s | CentreCourt | Diamond Schmitt