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    Toronto Chelsea Green (was 33 Gerrard) | 297.25m | 90s | Great Eagle | a—A

    Chelsea will be rebranded as the "Eaton Chelsea". Eaton being a new brand from Langham hotels.
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    Toronto Southcore Financial Centre & Delta Toronto | 159.71m | 45s | GWL | KPMB

    The Delta Chelsea is only Managed by Delta Hotels. It is actually owned by Great Eagle Hotels. I could see Delta no longer managing the Chelsea but the actual physical structure will not disappear. If Delta indeed ceases operating/managing the Chelsea it will be rebranded, not closed. It is...
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    Toronto Ripley's Aquarium of Canada | 13.11m | 2s | Ripley Entertainment | B+H

    Yes, agreed, however they also could have put it in Auckland which has a population of 1.4 million.
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    Toronto Ripley's Aquarium of Canada | 13.11m | 2s | Ripley Entertainment | B+H

    Actually the National Aquarium in New Zealand is situated in a town called Napier which is no where near what you can call a "major metropolitan city". It isn't even a suburb of a large city, Auckland, Chirstchurch, etc. It is on a smaller scale but still shows that investments will happen if...
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    Toronto Neptune + Neptune 2 Condominiums | 120.09m | 38s | Lanterra | P + S / IBI

    I agree the area is not the most pedestrian friendly but I'm not sure how this comment is valid? How does this have anything to do with suburbanites bringing a suburban lifestyle to the area. The roads already existed so i'm not quite sure what you would have liked them to do. If anything...
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    Why do police have to stand at construction sites?

    I have no issues with having police at construction sites, it assists with traffic, extra police presence in areas where there would otherwise be limited presence, etc. However, if this is required at all construction sites that impact traffic and construction projects and traffic (last I...
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    TTC Work-to-Rule?

    I wouldn't be too upset about a McDonalds employee not smiling at me, equally the 14-15 non-smiling TTC employees that I encountered on my ride home today. However, I think if I walked into a McDonalds to see the cashier sleeping or doing something that is so obviously against any sort of...
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    Toronto Aura at College Park | 271.87m | 78s | Canderel | Graziani + Corazza

    Aura Letter A friend of mine who works at the Delta Chelsea just got a memo, from AURA, stating that construction will begin on January 4th, and to expect some disturbances from construction, etc. Construction to continue for 4.5 years.
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    Bay Adelaide Centre West Tower (Brookfield, 50s, WZMH)

    food court? Is there going to be a new food court, shops in the base of BA? Or is this just going to be a boring tunnel through to the Bay?
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    So, um, when are condo prices supposed to drop again?

    Waterparkcity Would Waterparkcity be considered an "Investor-ridden" development. I currently live there and am thinking about moving out. Baby on the way! We have an approx. 680sf 1+1, 2nd floor. We were talking to the agents and they are talking about a list price of $270,000? Just...
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    Fare evasion on the TTC...

    In Christchurch, New Zealand when you visit the main bus station the doors remain locked up to the point when the bus actually arrives. Then the doors slide open at the exact area where the front and rear doors of the bus are. There isn't enough space to enter the bus except from inside...
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    Head of Slips (Waterfront Toronto, West 8/DTAH)

    Does anyone have information on the Spadina bridge? I thought it was approved for construction at the same time as these two slip ends.
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    Projects cancelled or on hold due to the Credit Crunch

    look at the bottom right side. London has there very own Holiday Inn/Hyatt on King!
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    Toronto Canoe Landing Park | ?m | ?s | Concord Adex

    I think Riverdale park should be used for more events. It has an amazing view of the city and the shape is like a natural amphitheatre already. That said I wouldn't want to deal with all the sprained ankles and other injuries as people try and climb the hill in the dark. Getting back...
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    More on the new busses...

    What I don't understand is why the TTC isn't going back to the supplier and saying "Fix this to meet the expectations, as promised, or we don't pay you". I used to work with the City of Toronto and this occurs often. We just accept what was given and don't seek compensation when it fails to...
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    Head of Slips (Waterfront Toronto, West 8/DTAH)

    Head of Slips Looks like they are starting to set up for the construction on the head of slip at the foot of Rees St. They have it fenced off and a trailer office is on site.
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    Then and Now: Yonge/Dundas and area

    Does anyone have any old pics of the "Elephant & Castle" building located right at Yonge and Gerrard? Even the site of the Delta Chelsea hotel?
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    TTC's Fancy New Technologies Thread

    I don't really see the difference between it showing time vs. distance. Wouldn't it be just as annoying to know that a bus is sitting 2 km away, only to discover that it is stuck in traffic and will take 10 minutes to arrive. The next day you see it is 2km away, decide to grab a coffee only to...
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    TTC's Fancy New Technologies Thread

    When I was in Christchurch, NZ a few years ago they had very simple bus arrival info at all stops. There was a small box that had a button for each bus route served by the stop. When you hit the button it told you how many minutes until the bus arrived. Super simple and gave real time info...
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    Head of Slips (Waterfront Toronto, West 8/DTAH)

    Was out for a run last night around 10pm and they had some neat lighting effects along the sides of the slip. Nothing in the water, but just along the sides. What happened to the in-water lighting and the old log that was supposed to be incorporated into the plan?