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    Line 5 Condos (Reserve Properties/Westdale Properties) - Real Estate -

    I got an email about this about a month ago, basically saying that appointment dates would be going out soon, but nothing since.
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    PJ Condos (Pinnacle International) - Real Estate -

    I can’t confirm it, but it seems like final closing will happen in February. If anyone has heard otherwise, please share here.
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    Toronto Union Park | 303.26m | 58s | Oxford Properties | Pelli Clarke Pelli

    ‘Overbuild cap for future phase’ refers to…additional park? Or another tower?
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    PJ Condos (Pinnacle International) - Real Estate -

    Highly unlikely anything happens this month. If you look at the waterworks condo thread you’ll see similar questions posed about closing. In short, completion of the building has nothing to do with registration it’s all a matter of where the paper work is with the city. If I had to guess, and...
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    Toronto 212 King Street West | 250m | 80s | Dream Office | SHoP

    There’s a really good crepe place running a ghost kitchen out of this space, called O’Frenchy. Hopefully they stick around as long as they can.
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    Waterworks (MOD Developments) - Real Estate -

    Thanks for that. I was hoping to hear MOD was doing their best to rectify but that doesn’t appear to be the case - I certainly will think twice about buying with them in the future. Things like this come up with new construction - I’ve seen a lot. B it the true mark of a solid builder is not...
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    Waterworks (MOD Developments) - Real Estate -

    for those that are saying the floors and buckling, what exactly are you referring to? Is the floor lifting? Or are there ‘dead spots’ (i.e. you put you foot down and it sinks a bit)? Like @TheKingEast I do not own a unit here but I am an active condo investor and have interest in this...
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    PJ Condos (Pinnacle International) - Real Estate -

    Yes for occupancy, dates are staggered but for final close everyone is basically closing at the same time
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    PJ Condos (Pinnacle International) - Real Estate -

    Final close will happen shortly after the building is registered, so your floor doesn’t matter as it pertains to that. As for registration, that is anyone’s guess. My guess is January 2022.
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    Toronto King-Bathurst Transit Oriented Community: South Site | 88.9m | 25s | Infrastructure ON | SvN

    No shortage of nightlife as noted above - it’s just shifted to different areas over the years. Tons of action at 12 and 14 York St.
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    Toronto The Goode Condos | 111.4m | 33s | Graywood | a—A

    Launching this Fall. Marketed as The Goode.
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    Toronto The One | 328.4m | 91s | Mizrahi Developments | Foster + Partners

    That was a good listen albeit nothing new as you noted. Love his can do attitude - as he says there’s always going be naysayers (including a number is this thread earlier on when there doubts if the project was going to get off the ground) but it doesn’t matter. Looking forward to watching this...
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    PJ Condos (Pinnacle International) - Real Estate -

    I did not, will give it a go, thanks!
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    PJ Condos (Pinnacle International) - Real Estate -

    Anyone have an actual email contact for PJ customer care? The person I was referred for pinnacle has been less than helpful. also, I took a pic and posted in the building thread (reposting the pic here). I guess the municipal address will be 99 John St and not 283 Adelaide? Has anyone heard...
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    Toronto PJ Condos | 156.96m | 48s | Pinnacle | Hariri Pontarini

    Walked by the site today noticed they are going with 99 John St as the municipal address instead of 283 Adelaide?
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    Toronto 221 Sterling | 95.5m | 29s | First Capital | Turner Fleischer

    Is the Muzzo Group different than Pemberton? Or the same company?
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    Toronto 86 John Street | 42.97m | 10s | Tawse | Sweeny &Co

    Passed by the site today. Some activity:
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    PJ Condos (Pinnacle International) - Real Estate -

    Too early for that. They aren’t doing PDIs yet.
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    Toronto Natasha Residences | 156.9m | 47s | Lanterra | BDP Quadrangle

    Project to be marketed as Natasha Residences and will launch this summer.