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  1. egotrippin

    Toronto Queen & Ashbridge | 60.15m | 17s | Context Development | Teeple Architects

    Agreed, setbacks increase visual interest and provide more useable outdoor spaces for residents. Also with that mediocre cladding, anything that reduces the visual bulk is appreciated. That said I'm shocked to see real hand laid brick here.
  2. egotrippin

    Late? 1920s Toronto

    No Dominion Public Building yet though, which was built between 1929-1935 so my guess would be 1927-28 for this video. Great find, I love these old videos.
  3. egotrippin

    Urban Wilderness!

    So the eroded bank is still eroding away, but they've finished paving and reconnecting the section of Meadow Way path between Warden and Birchmount. It's a nice bit of respite in the very industrial area I work in. Lots of red-winged blackbirds perched on the cattails; luckily none decided to...
  4. egotrippin

    Toronto Yonge City Square Residences | 117.09m | 32s | Gupta | Arcadis

    I remember that one. What I'd do for an old RS wagon.
  5. egotrippin

    Toronto Yonge City Square Residences | 117.09m | 32s | Gupta | Arcadis

    I always love when relatively obscure cars show up in renders, because that's a 2005-06 Mazdaspeed 6 in the second last render. Underrated performance bargain for its time.
  6. egotrippin

    Lesser recognized buildings in Toronto that you enjoy

    Definitely needs some TLC but also an underappreciated favourite of mine. I've always loved the brick pilasters; can't think of many other examples, details like that were often done on stone (or concrete stone look-alike) buildings.
  7. egotrippin

    Toronto The Well | 174.03m | 46s | RioCan | Hariri Pontarini

    They were even trying this concept in the far flung corners of the GTA way back in 2018 at Upper Canada Mall; billed as a food hall and decidedly more upscale than anything else in the 905 at the time. Not sure how it's doing these days though...
  8. egotrippin

    Toronto St Lawrence Market North | 25.3m | 5s | City of Toronto | Rogers Stirk Harbour

    Biggest issue for me is the bog standard, bland metal doors for the central entrance. Very nondescript, could be pulled right from a suburban office park. Fenestration of new builds in this city is a seriously overlooked design element. Something richly detailed or using warm, contrasting...
  9. egotrippin

    Toronto Love Park | 3m | 1s | City of Toronto | CCxA

    Looks like they've planted white wisteria, so no purple here. It's also likely we won't see flowers for a while, it can take several years after planting for them to flower. The plant itself grows quite rapidly though, so I imagine it will start to fill in nicely by the end of summer. edit...
  10. egotrippin

    Toronto 258-264 Christie Street | ?m | 8s | Batay-Csorba

    Yea, I concede, that's definitely more teal than turquoise. Also, Los Angeles. That explains it. I'm thinking they spent some time admiring the Eastern Columbia Building while there. I mean, how could you not:
  11. egotrippin

    Oshawa 135 Bruce Street | 65m | 22s | Medallion

    Nothing gets the UT juices flowing like news from Oshawa. Looks like there's finally some movement at 135 Bruce, previously home to the Oshawa Fittings Factory but since vacant for 37 years.
  12. egotrippin

    Toronto The Well | 174.03m | 46s | RioCan | Hariri Pontarini

    It almost seems intentional at this point. How can the the various utilities be so profoundly uncoordinated? I get emergency work is needed, but this happens on such a regular basis and often right after any new streetscape is completed. Between this sort of thing and the residential-style blue...
  13. egotrippin

    Toronto 258-264 Christie Street | ?m | 8s | Batay-Csorba

    Oh my I love that turquoise brick and there's some interesting detailing too. Certainly not getting my hopes up though.
  14. egotrippin

    Toronto The One | 328.4m | 91s | Mizrahi Developments | Foster + Partners

    The real world. It's pretty desaturated, although I wouldn't call it extremely grey. Reads as a warm grey to me.
  15. egotrippin

    Toronto Regent Theatre Redevelopment | 15.7m | 3s | Terra Bruce Productions Inc | NORR

    To their credit, they kept the marquee complete with the old backlit lettering. It's pretty rare that chains resist the opportunity to plaster their garish signage all over a building. Window film is unfortunate though.
  16. egotrippin

    Toronto The Well | 174.03m | 46s | RioCan | Hariri Pontarini

    I think what this really needs is some lush, impressive planters. I miss the malls of the '90s where it almost felt like you're stepping into a forest. It's a beautiful space but in all the pictures it just looks a bit.... sparse.
  17. egotrippin

    Toronto Cherry House at Canary Landing | 50.32m | 13s | Dream | COBE Architects

    I wouldn't be surprised if they fade in the timespan of years vs. decades. I put down some tinted concrete pavers last summer, and while I'm sure the quality differs significantly, I've noticed fade after just one year.
  18. egotrippin

    Whitby 1636 Charles Street | 123.1m | 36s | Tribute | Turner Fleischer

    Well I figured it was inevitable, but looks like this will displace my beloved Town Brewery. Of course I'm sure they'll have plenty of time to relocate and hopefully reopen with minimal disruption.
  19. egotrippin

    Markham Gallery Towers | 102.51m | 30s | Remington Group | BDP Quadrangle

    Need to get out and get some better shots next time I'm in Markham, but this tower is looking quite sharp. There's a nice urban streetwall developing in there too, although this is all I managed to capture for the time being.
  20. egotrippin

    Hamilton Hamilton Passive House Modular Housing | ?m | 3s | CityHousing Hamilton | Montgomery Sisam

    The irony considering the whole idea behind pre-fab modular assembly is speed of construction...