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    Toronto Rail Deck District | 227.23m | 70s | Craft Dev Corp | Sweeny &Co

    Seems like a lot of the renders incorporate the existing Linear Park to make the remaining park seem bigger than it is. This really wouldn't be a city park in anything but name, but just additional green space. Likely used by the local residents vs a substantial city amenity. I'm pro density...
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    FS: 1+Den Open Concept Neo Cityplace (Toronto)

    Thanks. It sold in 4 days.
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    FS: 1+Den Open Concept Neo Cityplace (Toronto)

    SOLD 4K Spadina Ave - Suite 1208 733sqrft + 97 sqrft balcony = 830 sqrft Spacious Open Concept 1+1 den, 2 Baths Upgraded Throughout. Includes 1 Parking, 1 Locker. Den: Den has door, can be used as 2nd bedroom Ceiling: Flat smooth ceilings throughout Flooring: Designer Laminate Hardwood...
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    Interior Design Firm Reco

    I sit on the on board of fairly new condo downtown. We’re in the process of kicking off some renovation projects, in particular our lobby. We’ve been very disappointed by the people put forward by our property manager so far… we’re looking for modern, urban, clean and they keep showing...
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    Does anyone recommend buying a condo at CityPlace?

    Does anyone know if Ontario has any regulations on minimum ratios between number of elevators and number of floors?
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    Developers should not be allowed to call a windowless room a Bedroom!!

    Interesting discussion. Here's some stuff I pulled from the building code. When read strictly, it seem to indicate that a window is mandatory for each floor with bedrooms, not the bedrooms themselves.
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    Why purchase pre-construction condos at inflated price?

    That's one weird list, don't think the cities sampled are comprehensive... Vancouver isn't even on there, and they are way more expensive compared to Toronto.
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    Charged a fee to use the elevator when moving?? Is this a standard practice??

    I think you'll come to see that elevator booking fees are the new reality of condos downtown. Downtown high-rise condos are seeing a high volume of unit sales and short-term leases which in turn are making moves much more frequent. This in turn is incurring costs on the rest of the condo...
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    Liberty Village

    I don't think its proximity to Parkdale is at all an issue. The Liberty Village area is a bit strange, its almost like a suburban pocket in the city. I'm not fond of the parking lot, metro configuration as it all looks geared towards cars. There are many young people living in the area as...
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    I'm in the market for furniture (Contemporary)

    I've bought something from them in the past. The dimensions of the item and those on their website were completely off. They offered to return the item though, but I ended up just craigslisting it because I didn't want to deal with shipping.
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    Upgrades and prices? best way to avoid getting raped.

    The other thing to note is that if this is important to you, you can go with a builder that's already done their homework. There are many out there. Many builders offer upgrade packages, or have already upgraded their standard finishes so its just about picking colours not upgrades. If you...
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    Cancelling new condo purchase after 10 days?

    Yes. I would call the developer ASAP and explain your situation.
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    I'm in the market for furniture (Contemporary)

    Stylegarage/Gus are my favorites from your list. Roomy has a number of sofas in the $2000 range. You could also give Urban Mode a shot.
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    is this purchase a sensible/smart investment? cityplace montage

    Know what you're buying. The building competes well in the sub $500/sqrft market but you can't compare it to buildings commanding significantly more than that.
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    is this purchase a sensible/smart investment? cityplace montage
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    is this purchase a sensible/smart investment? cityplace montage

    I think that's a great price. I have seen smaller units in that building sell for higher. Make sure you are happy with the layout. Montage is a building in transition, it registered a couple of months ago and like all condos will probably go through some changes until it stabilizes. The new...
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    Luna Condos (Concord CityPlace) - Real Estate -

    Confusing. Had no idea there was any connection between Luna and Montage, given a street divides them. Wonder how this impacts maintenance costs, as Neo and Montage pay for the maintenance of that parking lot.
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    Luna Condos (Concord CityPlace) - Real Estate -

    I think this would be news to the people living Montage. Are you sure about this?
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    Toronto 2015 Pan American Games

    I'm sure it was the promise of Blackberries for all that won it for us. :)
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    Toronto Parade at Concord CityPlace | 127.4m | 44s | Concord Adex | P + S / IBI

    1.5 years seems to be the delay average for most Cityplace buildings recently. W1, Montage, Neo, Luna, Parade...