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  1. BrianPersaud

    The United BLDG (Davpart/H&R Developments) - Real Estate -

    6-7 year build out, complicated project, 488 university assignments trading high average resale trading high in the area
  2. BrianPersaud

    The United BLDG (Davpart/H&R Developments) - Real Estate -

    here's the plans and pricing
  3. BrianPersaud

    Massey Tower Condos (Mod Developments) - Real Estate -

    I have the floorplans and renderings for Massey Tower here
  4. BrianPersaud

    Toronto Ten York Street Condos | 224.02m | 65s | Tridel | Wallman Architects

    No PATH extension for Ten York. They will have an outdoor extension extending up York to Maple Leaf Square. 1 York will have a PATH connection I blogged about buildings with The PATH extension here
  5. BrianPersaud

    Baby, we got a bubble!?

    Not likely, buying a condo for over a $1000 psf in Toronto at its launch in 2006 was the start of the problem
  6. BrianPersaud

    Toronto Condo Website Directory

    Realtors that make websites mimicking developers without prominantly disclosing they are real estate agents are breaking a realtor disclosure rules and codes of ethics. They should be reported to the Real Estate Council of Ontario immediately for disciplinary action and be forced to change their...
  7. BrianPersaud

    Five, Karma or Casa 2?

    Casa2 hasn't launched yet. The other two projects you may have got the least fav units by investors and at a higher price. You could wait for 197 Yonge St 460 Yonge 501 Yonge or 609 Sherbourne
  8. BrianPersaud

    Baby, we got a bubble!?

    Number to track is the mortgage's in arrears. I doubt a large segment of the Canadian population has a large mortgage with 2.5% 5 year fixed
  9. BrianPersaud

    Cons of investing in Florida as a foreign investor

    On November 5th will be chatting on US investing. Check it out. Lots of experts there
  10. BrianPersaud

    Beach Real Estate

    UD...boy were you wrong on that one
  11. BrianPersaud

    Recommended down payment on an investment property

    There are number of tax and financial planning issues. I suggest calling an investment focused mortgage broker to get a clear picture. DM and i'll send you some names
  12. BrianPersaud

    Can you buy an apartment in Toronto?

    There are thousands of triplexes and multiplexes in Toronto...Tens of Thousands in Quebec.
  13. BrianPersaud

    Toronto real estate market question

    Flipping I know a number of folks that are doing flips in The Beach and Whitby right now. They all have made a substantial profit. Earlier this year a renovator flipped a property for a $90,000 profit. It was a complete gut, he was actually a guest on my tv show last year. Another friend...
  14. BrianPersaud

    Toronto The Eglinton | 111.86m | 33s | Menkes | Giannone Petricone

    Menkes is banking on the LRT...price per square foot will definitely be higher than Vaughan
  15. BrianPersaud

    Developers should not be allowed to call a windowless room a Bedroom!!

    There are requirements for a place to be called a room. Not just marketing fluff Ontario Building Code (OBC) States Article Window Area: (1) Except as provided in Sentences (2) and (3) or otherwise permitted, every room used for sleeping in any building, and every principal room...
  16. BrianPersaud

    Post Lofts (Condoman) (previously Stage East Lofts by Neilas) - Real Estate -

    Spoke to the local planner, said that Neilas has taken a substantial amount of time to get back to her regarding the revisions and he's been through a few architects....also....that he tried to get building permits without getting site plan approval
  17. BrianPersaud

    Post Lofts (Condoman) (previously Stage East Lofts by Neilas) - Real Estate -

    Spoke to Neilas, revisions took a long time to get back to him. Said project is moving forward
  18. BrianPersaud

    Toronto Backstage On The Esplanade | 116.73m | 36s | Cityzen | P + S / IBI

    Hunter and Mansoor Kazerouni from P+S will be on the show tonight (May 25th) them to see why the didn't design to your liking. 7p 416.446.7090
  19. BrianPersaud

    Paul Oberman of Woodcliffe killed in a plane crash

    really tragic loss for Toronto and his family. He was a dear friend
  20. BrianPersaud

    Toronto King Charlotte | 114.9m | 32s | Lamb Dev Corp | a—A

    I'm wondering about the sources of the above info....i heard it was a mad house