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    Gun Control

    Hear hear.
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    Raptors Preseason and Season tickets 08/09

    While we're on the topic, anyone here know a good way to get a hold of discounted Raptors tickets? I want to take my Dad to a game sometime in December or January.
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    Transformation AGO (5s, Gehry) COMPLETE

    Honesty is just one of many aesthetic criteria. Imagine someone takes a dump on the Louvre and calls it "an addition". I say it looks like they took a dump on the Louvre. They reply: "Well, I did take a dump on the Louvre, what's wrong with it looking like I took a dump?" Of course the...
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    Transformation AGO (5s, Gehry) COMPLETE

    The visor is kind of cool, on its own. But rarely have I seen an architectural element that seems so tacked on. If I were an aesthetically sensitive Godzilla tromping down Dundas, my first instinct would be to rip that thing off. Pretty much every new exterior element here feels tacked on...
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    OMA: 23 East 22nd St. NYC

    Spectacular, as far as I'm concerned.
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    Moving to Seoul... any advice?

    I admire your sense of adventure, Wonderboy. And if my wander through Koreatown last Saturday evening is any indication, get your eyes ready to feast on some of the most beautiful women this sorry planet has to offer. That gets me thinking a bit....what's the name of this "good school"...
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    Toronto Market Wharf | 110.33m | 33s | Context Development | a—A

    "Besides having his finger in all of Cohen's pies"
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    Anyone sold their own home? Or used a flat-fee MLS service?

    "You can easily negotiate down to about 3-4% total commission these days" That's great to know - I didn't realize it was common to get agents down to 3% - how much would they typically be offering to the buying agent at that rate? If they don't offer enough I assume that scares off...
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    Anyone sold their own home? Or used a flat-fee MLS service?

    Here's an example of one package I found: It's $500 but also 1% at closing, so not a true flat-fee, I guess. I'm also assuming that if a buyer's agent is involved, you'd have to pay them (2% or thereabouts?). In which case it...
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    Anyone sold their own home? Or used a flat-fee MLS service?

    Hello, longtime lurker, first-time poster. My wife and I are probably selling our upper-beaches bungalow in spring 2009, and we recoil at the thought of paying 5-7% commission. On the other hand, there is some comfort in handing the whole process over to an agent; furthermore when you sell...