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  1. Urban Shocker

    Toronto MuseumHouse | 71.01m | 19s | Yorkville Group | P + S / IBI

    Gosh. The moral of that little tale is .... don't move out west.
  2. Urban Shocker

    Toronto MuseumHouse | 71.01m | 19s | Yorkville Group | P + S / IBI

    Considering how much these people are paying for their residences, one would hope that they would enjoy the same rights to personalize their properties as owners of humble little houses on traditional residential streets who also bravely face the world.
  3. Urban Shocker

    Toronto Living Shangri-La Toronto | 214.57m | 66s | Westbank | James Cheng

    I dropped by that noodle place this morning and picked up a copy of their rather skimpy menu, and the whole idea of the place, for a restaurant that's associated with what's promoted as a major hotel, strikes me as a particularly meagre offering to our city. Will try Chancre-La's afternoon tea...
  4. Urban Shocker


    Well, it's the only directly affected street, and drivers have several alternatives. If they're coming from the south - Queen, for instance - they may choose to go directly up Logan rather than turning onto it by going along either Simpson or Langley from Carlaw. Yes, nfitz, there used to be a...
  5. Urban Shocker

    Is Toronto Beautiful?

    It also splits the city in two along commercial / residential lines: each east end residential neighbourhood folds into the next with little retail getting in the way, and one can stroll east from Broadview for hours without encountering, say, a relentlessly hip Ossington equivalent. The...
  6. Urban Shocker

    Rob Ford's Toronto

    Toronto taxpayers have already bought an important, landmark Anish Kapoor, much earlier than Chicagoans purchased theirs ( Untitled, Mountain was his first public commission, in fact ... ), and we paid $500,000 for it as befits our status as an early-adopter city. Whether they're talking up a...
  7. Urban Shocker

    Toronto Ten York Street Condos | 224.02m | 65s | Tridel | Wallman Architects

    Regardless of how tall the buildings are either north or south of the Quay, just about the only place where an uninterrupted view of the water is to be had is from the waterfront promenade that is slowly evolving, and that seems right and proper.
  8. Urban Shocker

    Toronto The Berczy | 41.76m | 13s | Concert | Arcadis

    Well, architects such as Joseph Paxton and Alexander Jackson Davis certainly showed the way, but they didn't make the leap - Paxton produced some hideous faux monstrosities for the Rothschilds in England and France, for instance, and the ghastly Temple Building's as good an example as any of how...
  9. Urban Shocker

    Toronto St Regis Toronto Hotel and Residences | 281.93m | 58s | JFC Capital | Zeidler

    I usually avert my eyes when I walk past this place, but this morning I happened to glance up as I made my way along Adelaide Street, and noticed how shoddy the finishing is on the metal canopy over the entrance that bears the name of the joint, and how small panels of cladding are still missing...
  10. Urban Shocker

    Toronto MuseumHouse | 71.01m | 19s | Yorkville Group | P + S / IBI

    It looks as if the person on the second floor held out as long as possible in order not to get the same plants as everyone else.
  11. Urban Shocker

    Toronto The Dineen Building | ?m | 5s | Commercial Realty G. | George Robb

    While a corner entrance as shown in the rendering wasn't the only way to go, it is unfortunate that neither the Yonge Street nor the Temperance Street entrances that were actually built align with the original architectural features above them. The Yonge Street one could quite easily have been...
  12. Urban Shocker

    Observation decks?

    Shary Boyle is showing there at the moment, in addition to their permanent collection.
  13. Urban Shocker

    Bloor-Yorkville Scene

    Why bother? Seeing a window full of stuff with 'LV' all over it, it's pretty obvious what the place is.
  14. Urban Shocker

    Toronto The Berczy | 41.76m | 13s | Concert | Arcadis

    ... and a good example of how the Victorians missed the structural potential for using metal frameworks in architecture, seeing it primarily as a decorative material ... and retarding the advent of Modernism for decades.
  15. Urban Shocker

    Observation decks?

    If your friend is interested in visual art as well as sightseeing from tall buildings, why not combine the two and make an appointment to see BMO's corporate art collection, on view at their gallery, BMO Project Room, on the 68th floor of FCP on Fridays? ( 416 ) 867-5290 or ( 416 ) 643 2609.
  16. Urban Shocker

    Urban Shocker's Neighbourhood Watch

    ... I'm hoping for a female Coffee Tree, with big, dangly seed pods. Cutting down three lilacs, sawing up the branches for collection by the City and digging up the stumps and roots has proved to be a pleasant enough workout. Up next, transplanting a blackcurrant and the redcurrant before the...
  17. Urban Shocker

    Should Canada keep the Monarchy?

    If DNA proves that this Canadian dude's the 17th great grand-nephew of Dick The Turd, then kick out the Hanoverian Queen and all her brood, and let's have Michael I the Hoser King in her stead, say I.
  18. Urban Shocker

    Toronto The Dineen Building | ?m | 5s | Commercial Realty G. | George Robb

    The transition, where the rounded corner - which is a natural point of interest - suddenly becomes squared-off at street level, is clumsy. There might have been a more sympathetic and thoughtful way of doing the entire ground floor renovation too, aligning the large window panes with the...
  19. Urban Shocker


    I think the streets around Gerrard and Broadview were laid out a decade or two earlier because they were closer to the downtown, and had easier access from downtown, and because the Viaduct hadn't been built yet.
  20. Urban Shocker

    Toronto 180 Wellington West | ?m | 12s | Stantec

    The yin to 570 Bay's yang.