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  1. Ahmet Kul

    GO Transit: Service thread (including extensions)

    By 2041, the population of the Greater Golden Horseshoe is expected to be 13.5 million. Can GO Transit keep up? It's an interesting article written about the future of GO Transit by James Portoraro. Check it out here.
  2. Ahmet Kul

    General cycling issues (Is Toronto bike friendly?)

    Having lived in different part of the world, I confidently can say that Toronto is a bike friendly city. We can surely discuss how much friendly it is but I believe it definitely is. I also believe that it is getting better everyday.
  3. Ahmet Kul

    2018 Provincial Election Transit Promises

    So far so good. I really like the idea of Free Wi-Fi on GO transit.
  4. Ahmet Kul

    Toronto Billy Bishop Toronto City Airport | ?m | ?s | Ports Toronto | Arup

    I am wondering does only Porter Airlines operate in Billy Bishop Toronto City Airport? I checked out the departures and I only did see Porter Airlines. I wonder why only Porter Airlines operate in Billy Bishop Toronto City Airport?
  5. Ahmet Kul

    Toronto Raptors

    Raptors won the last game against Sacramento Kings. (102-87) It was a great victory against the Kings. DeMar DeRozan scored 25 points, Serge Ibaka contributed with 20 points. Raptors won 6 games in a row! Hope we can win against Clippers too! It seems like it's gonna be a tough game.
  6. Ahmet Kul

    2017 Toronto Urban Design Awards

    The link doesn't work for some reason. Would you be able to update it please?
  7. Ahmet Kul

    Toronto Pearson International Airport

    36 million passengers is a crazy number for today. I think we will need an another international airport soon.
  8. Ahmet Kul

    Greater Golden Horseshoe Transportation Plan

    I wonder how multimodal transportation planning will change the Greater Golden Horseshoe region and how it will look like in 2071? I'll keep following this thread because it seems like we will have great discussions here.
  9. Ahmet Kul

    SmartTrack (Proposed)

    SmartTrack will provide near-term solutions to increase transit options in Toronto by making better use of the existing GO corridors, while we plan additional, longer term investments to increase transit capacity across the city. I think it's a promising project and it will change the...
  10. Ahmet Kul

    Toronto Bike Share

    I do understand the idea behind it but it just doesn't make sense to offer one-day renting. You rent it for a day but should bring it back to the parking every 30 minutes.
  11. Ahmet Kul

    Toronto Bike Share

    45 minutes is not that bad.
  12. Ahmet Kul

    Toronto Bike Share

    Montreal Bixi bikes are pretty good. The only problem is you have to bring them back every 30 mins and get an another one. I don't understand why they do that.
  13. Ahmet Kul

    Metrolinx $55 Billion Plan

    This sounds like a great plan.
  14. Ahmet Kul

    Using The New Urban Toronto Forum

    I think this information must be on the first page so that people easily can see it. Or you can create a new topic for Forum Rules. That would be great.
  15. Ahmet Kul

    407 Transitway

    When 407 transitway will open? Any idea?
  16. Ahmet Kul

    TransPod Hyperloop

    This looks amazing! Hope they can do it until 2020.