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  1. iSlutsky

    Toronto 3C Waterfront | ?m | ?s | 3C Lakeshore | Foster + Partners

    Still just a rumor, but I am working on confirmations... here:
  2. iSlutsky

    Oakville Rain and Senses Condominiums | 72.84m | 21s | Empire | Graziani + Corazza

    ^^Yikes! That is an old rendering. Rumor has it that the new ones will be available soon.
  3. iSlutsky

    Pre construction condos with an outdoor pool

    Check out: 1. Bisha Hotel and Residences; 2. 12 Degrees Condos; and, 3. Thompson Residences. All are located in fantastic downtown Toronto locations, and all have outdoor / rooftop pools.
  4. iSlutsky

    Washer/Dryer in Condo

    I have a two-in-one ventless washer/dryer, without a drain. Last year a sprung a leak, and flooded my condo. It sucked.
  5. iSlutsky

    What project are you waiting for?

    Top that I am excited for: Exhibit. Oxygen. St Georges. Yorkville Residences.
  6. iSlutsky

    Pre Construction Homes (locator)

    Hey Seesus... ...the forum you are (urbantoronto) on is fantastic. They have conversations on almost every new project, check out the Project/Construction thread. A phenomenal resource for project information. ...also, check out BuzzBuzzHome for highrise/lowrise.... Type in the city you are...
  7. iSlutsky

    Toronto Condo Website Directory

    Hey.. no making fun of my last name!! I tried finding you on Twitter, but the only UrbanDreamer I could find was Luisa from "Lausanne, Sweet'zerland".. Yes, Sweet'zerland (love that!).
  8. iSlutsky

    Are there are projects (preconstruction) for me?

    Have you looked at Minto775, or anything in Leslieville / East end... or, Liberty Village? The east end might be your best bet, which has access to a 24-hr streetcar..
  9. iSlutsky

    Toronto Condo Website Directory

    Hey UrbanDreamer... sorry, I am way too lazy to put all of the developer/builder twitter feeds into the forum. However, I have them all on BuzzBuzzHome's Twitter List called "Real Estate Info". It is a list of builders, developers, and people who talk 90%+ of the time about real-estate and new...
  10. iSlutsky

    Pros and Cons about pursuing a career in real estate at this time.

    As an agent, or other? Residential or commercial? What type of real-estate? Condos? Pre-Con? Re-sale? Downtown?...etc...
  11. iSlutsky

    Jade Condos (Phantom Developments) - Real Estate -

    Jade Condominiums at Bayview and Sheppard is a new condo project by Phantom Developments currently in preconstruction at Bayview and Sheppard in Willowdale, Toronto, Ontario. The project has a total of 153 units.
  12. iSlutsky

    Which condo developers are the best in the city?

    They also do condos, check here. But, note that this only measures CUSTOMER SATISFACTION, and not the quality of the builder.
  13. iSlutsky

    Toronto Studio and Studio2 on Richmond | 131.06m | 41s | Aspen Ridge | BDP Quadrangle

    Hey BMyers, Is your information only for metro-TO condos? Most of these marketing firms do a lot of work in the low-rise arena, and I would love to see a total of low and high-rise.....
  14. iSlutsky

    Toronto Studio and Studio2 on Richmond | 131.06m | 41s | Aspen Ridge | BDP Quadrangle

    Montana Steele is definitely a large fish, but no where near close to holding a monopoly. Check out LA Ads, Guidelines, G. Ryan Design (just to name a few).
  15. iSlutsky

    Toronto Cinema Tower | 142.64m | 43s | Daniels | Kirkor Architects

    New rendering released for Cinema Tower, from BuzzBuzzHome... Attached below...
  16. iSlutsky

    Toronto The Mercer | 111.55m | 33s | Beaverhall | BBB

    The Mercer [website] has released their new rendering. As, seen in The Mercer: Central, Extravagant, Affordable... rendering revealed!. Check it out attached... I still have no clue how to embed an image directly into a message. Anyone? Anyone? Please DM me if you know.
  17. iSlutsky

    Toronto Emerald Park Condos | 128.92m | 40s | Bazis | Rosario Varacalli

    Thanks yyzer. No problem at all. Anytime. I am excited to find out when this "fall" construction will commence. I also hear that there is an other site somewhere they are working on (not the Exhibit site mentioned above). Should be interesting.
  18. iSlutsky

    Toronto Jaedon Mews | ?m | 3s | UrbanQuest | Arch DWG

    456 Shaw Street + Mews (UrbanQuest, 3, ?) 456 Shaw Street + Mews is a new modern townhouse project by Urbanquest Incorporated currently in preconstruction at 456-460 Shaw St. in Palmerston Little Italy, Toronto, Ontario. TownHouses range in price from $799,000 to $949,000. Blog post on...
  19. iSlutsky

    Who's who of Canadian real estate

    What information specifically are you looking for?