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  1. CityPlaceN1


    Just finished watching the announcement for BlackBerry 10. I wasn't very impressed. I gave up on them a couple of years ago and I'm not sure the announcement is enough to get me to switch back from the iPhone. Anybody have any thoughts?
  2. CityPlaceN1

    Sketches Of Toronto - 1858

    What a cool book.
  3. CityPlaceN1

    Speakers Corner given the gag

    Speakers Corner given the gag Then prime minister Jean Chretien poked a loonie in the slot and spoke his mind at Speakers Corner during the 2000 federal election campaign. HOT BOX, TV TO TALK ABOUT Rogers pulling the plug on the Citytv...
  4. CityPlaceN1

    Shopsy's ordered to quit Front Street

    Shopsy's ordered to quit Front Street PAUL WALDIE From Wednesday's Globe and Mail May 28, 2008 at 5:02 AM EDT When Gavin Quinn's family-owned business bought Shopsy's Hospitality Inc. a couple of...
  5. CityPlaceN1

    Toronto | King East Centre | 120m | 25s | First Gulf | Pellow + Associates

    Quebecor puts Toronto Sun building on the block GRANT ROBERTSON May 28, 2008 Quebecor Inc. has put the headquarters of the Toronto Sun up for sale, but the company said it's not certain the...
  6. CityPlaceN1

    When shiny offices conceal a wasteland PROPERTY REPORT: DOWNTOWN CANADA When shiny offices conceal a wasteland Planners say variety is key to a vital downtown, a lesson Calgary has learned the hard way MELISSA DUNNE...
  7. CityPlaceN1

    Toronto Zoo aims to go green

    Toronto Zoo aims to go green TANNIS TOOHEY/TORONTO STAR ZOO CHIEF'S FUTURE UNCLEAR As the Toronto Zoo contemplates a $250 million fundraising campaign, the future of chief executive Calvin White remains unclear. Raymond Cho, who chairs the zoo's...
  8. CityPlaceN1

    Oak Ridges Moraine Development

    Grandfathered subdivisions and proposals for four golf courses in the development pipeline Mar 02, 2008 04:30 AM PHINJO GOMBU STAFF REPORTER The rolling hills of the Oak Ridges Moraine on which Deanna Ramsay's family farm sits include...
  9. CityPlaceN1

    CityPlace N1 Condos (Concord CityPlace) - Real Estate -

    A bridge too far leaves CityPlace owners in limbo Dec 29, 2007 04:30 Am SARAH BARMAK SPECIAL TO THE STAR Delays in building a bridge across the railway lands have made 2,200 condo buyers at CityPlace reluctant renters and raised the hackles of...