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    Toronto Ontario Line 3 | ?m | ?s

    I don't see the platform screen doors...
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    Toronto Eglinton Line 5 Crosstown West Extension | ?m | ?s | Metrolinx

    That's what we need east of Don Mills to make Crosstown an efficient crosstown
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    Toronto Finch-Kennedy GO Station | 12.9m | 2s | Metrolinx

    We don't need either of the two, we need that huge parking space converted into a mixed-use development (work, live, shop), which would be within walking distance of a GO station.
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    Mississauga M3 at M City | 260.29m | 77s | Rogers Real Estate | Arcadis

    A town of wiggly buildings
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    Toronto Crosstown LRT: Eglinton Station | ?m | 1s | Metrolinx | Arcadis

    Thanks for the pictures, nice and wide view! I am looking at the new road lanes on Yonge, southbound, and there are two lanes, but no space to add any bicycle lane... So, no continuation of the bike lanes planned for this part of Yonge? Maybe they can be shifted to Duplex to bypass this...
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    Toronto Maple House at Canary Landing | 89.61m | 26s | Dream | COBE Architects

    Great update, thanks! In reply to your observation about trees, "The trees look so good along here…": I totally agree, each time I pass this area on my bike, I am so glad that trees were there through the construction period! Which makes me think about many other construction sites that would...
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    Toronto Concord Canada House | 231.97m | 74s | Concord Adex | Arcadis

    And keeping empty plastic bottles inside (rather than throwing them out)👍👍
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    Toronto Lower Don Lands Redevelopment | ?m | ?s | Waterfront Toronto

    Agreed with Northern Light, we are building a 21c St. Jamestown... while leaving mostly untouched SDH neighborhoods scattered throughout the city that would be able to absorb the housing demands. I was hoping to see a continuation of what we started inCorktown and Distillery District: a...
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    Cycling infrastructure (Separated bike lanes)

    And it is SUV-friendly (posted by Monet Tessier on Facebook):
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    Toronto Lower Don Lands Redevelopment | ?m | ?s | Waterfront Toronto

    Thanks for sharing, great aerial footage! It looks like there are still too many old warehouses; are they all going to be demolished? In the next few months, considering that the site prep work to be finished in 2024?
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    Toronto 265 Balliol | 91.43m | 27s | Park Property | BDP Quadrangle

    Demolition is almost done:
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    Waterfront Transit Reset Phase 1 Study

    Good info! Are they going to use the existing fleet of the Flexity Outlooks? Any plan to purchase additional vehicles? I assume no plans to use LRT-type, two-sided LRV vehicles?
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    President Joe Biden's United States of America

    Maybe they need a fresh look..
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    GO Transit Electrification | Metrolinx

    Thanks for sharing it, good to know they act a bit proactively! Hmmm, how about Union? I assume the new shed is ready?
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    GO Transit Electrification | Metrolinx

    I wonder if they did the same for UPX ramp..
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    569 Sheppard Avenue West (Tenblock, ?, ?)

    I rode Sheppard quite a few times, not the most pleasant place to ride. If you do want to go Sheppard route, ride it to Easton Rd and then take one of the residential streets to go to Yonge. But then you will have to take Yonge... bad choice. I would take Bathurst to York Downs Dr, through the...