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  1. Branden Simon

    Toronto The Quay, Tower Three (was Maple Leaf Quay) | 66.44m | 21s | Pacific Reach | BDP Quadrangle

    Remaining tower crane gone but the jib crane remains and will be removed this week @interchange42 Yesterday
  2. Branden Simon

    Cambridge Project Mako | 30.04m | 1s | Broccolini | Ware Malcomb

    Building complete but The new Amazon Waterloo Region Distribution centre (Aka Project Mako) hasn’t opened yet and hiring has not started)...
  3. Branden Simon

    St. Catharines First on Fourth (Phase 2) | ?m | 5s

    Phase 2 complete
  4. Branden Simon

    Toronto The Vic Towns | 16.52m | 5s | Solotex | Gabriel Bodor

    May 2024 The Vic Town construction update!
  5. Branden Simon

    Hamilton The Lawson Towns | 11.15m | 3s | Tibro | Chamberlain

    Basically Complete (May 16, 2024)
  6. Branden Simon

    Roads: Ambassador & Gordie Howe Bridges

    Only 85 feet away between connecting the Canada-US Border!
  7. Branden Simon

    Hamilton FirstOntario Centre Renovations | ?m | 4s | OVG | BBB

    Official Groundbreaking ceremony!
  8. Branden Simon

    Burlington Paradigm Condominiums (Burlington) | ?m | 18s | Molinaro Group | Graziani + Corazza

    A development application has been submitted to amend the Zoning By-law to facilitate the reduction in the minimum required office space from the previously proposed 3,220 m² to 1,087 m². Because of the Office space is being removed on level 2 the units for Paradigm Phase 2 is increased from...
  9. Branden Simon

    Halton Hills Halton 1 District Police Station | ?m | ?s | Halton Region

    Halton Regional Police new 1 district station - A under construction with 2-Storey 66,000 sq ft facility will replace a current facility in Milton and Georgetown. The new location is on 7930 Hornby Road just north of Highway 401, near the intersection of Steeles Avenue and Sixth Line South, in...
  10. Branden Simon

    Kawartha Lakes Bloom Lindsay | ?m | 8s | COGIR

    Went on a little trip to Lindsay from last weekend and Check out the Bloom Lindsay site and crane is down but work on the balcony’s continues.
  11. Branden Simon

    [Waterloo] Westmont Place redevelopment | 25s | Killam Reit

    Westmont Place redevelopment - A total of five new towers ranging from 12 to 25 stories developed by Killam Reit located on 50 Westmount Rd, 9-15 Dietz Ave N, and 192-218 Erb St W in Waterloo’s Westmont Neighbourhood. Phase 1 of 3 is now under construction with a crane up (from wr connected
  12. Branden Simon

    Burlington North Shore | 26m | 8s | National Homes | Kirkor

    There are two cranes up at NorthShore @Paclo
  13. Branden Simon

    Caledon National Wildlife Centre | ?m | 1s | NWC | RD Architect

    Construction is underway with the Steel structure of the field hospital is going up! (Photos from National Wildlife Centre)
  14. Branden Simon

    Hamilton Roxborough Park | 59.5m | 18s | Carriage Gate | srm Architects

    Here is the rendering of two 12-Storey rental apartments
  15. Branden Simon

    Hamilton Lincoln Alexander Hall | 59.31m | 15s | Knightstone | Diamond Schmitt

    Crane Alert A section of Traymore Avenue, between Forsyth Avenue and Dalewood Avenue, will be reduced to one lane from 6 a.m. on Monday, May 13, to 6 p.m. on Tuesday, May 14. This closure of the south lane is required to set up a tower crane for the construction of the new Lincoln Alexander...