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  1. dowlingm

    VIA Rail

    Seems train 61 (0650 Montreal-Toronto) had a collision with a motor vehicle at a private crossing near Coteau (not a station stop on that service) this morning. The train status shows it on the...
  2. dowlingm

    Quebec-Windsor Corridor

    Not so easy to get from the former CN Massema Subdivision to the current CN Massema Spur - diamond is no longer extant. I suspect any such project would need to be going under or over CPKC here.
  3. dowlingm

    TTC: Electric and alternative fuel buses

    Cummins must be busy these days - only game in town for diesel buses, pretty much the only game in town for diesel passenger locomotives
  4. dowlingm

    Toronto Crosstown LRT | ?m | ?s | Metrolinx | Arcadis

    Ah I see. My point was that not that the cars wouldn't operate at 80 - but that they would operate at 80 over the majority of their duty cycle which I saw as different from operating at that speed more slowly over much of it. One of the frequently heard complaints about ION is that the nature of...
  5. dowlingm

    TTC: Electric and alternative fuel buses

    The report does say that Nova have not actually ruled out continuing with hybrid in 2027, but that proceeding would be subject to market conditions. I wonder if TTC hadn’t indicated an intent to discontinue hybrid purchases prior to 2040 - 12 years (so 2028) if that would have kept Nova...
  6. dowlingm

    Toronto Crosstown LRT | ?m | ?s | Metrolinx | Arcadis

    Can you be specific? I assume you don’t mean Ottawa given how poorly they have performed in service to date.
  7. dowlingm

    TTC: Streetcar Network

    Very useful given the current state of the 88 due Moore Avenue storm sewer failure related diversion.
  8. dowlingm

    Toronto Crosstown LRT | ?m | ?s | Metrolinx | Arcadis

    Irrespective of operator preference, 60km/h is the maximum permitted speed on the Eglinton surface section, by direction of city council. Same for Finch West...
  9. dowlingm

    First EV garbage truck in Ontario

    If garbage EVs don’t make sounds, how are you meant to remember you didn’t put the bins out? Ridiculous.
  10. dowlingm

    GO Transit Fleet Equipment and other

    Caltrain ordered a bilevel BEMU also, which is interesting given the gaps in Metrolinx’ available trackage for electrification
  11. dowlingm

    VIA Rail

    VIA Rail’s 2023 annual report has been posted.
  12. dowlingm

    VIA Rail

    I will edit my original - because of how threads messages I completely missed that it was a year old thread.
  13. dowlingm

    VIA Rail

    EDIT: please disregard the below as it refers to a May 2023 trip A trip write-up someone did on a recent passage on 185/186. Doesn't sound like outlandish changes are coming equipment-wise, but surprising that buffer requirements have remained in place on this route such that passengers are...
  14. dowlingm

    Caledon-Vaughan GO Rail Line

    *taps the sign Google Map*
  15. dowlingm

    Toronto Union Station Revitalization | ?m | ?s | City of Toronto | NORR

    Funnily enough I find the diesel grime more noticeable on the picture of the newer roof. Dim lighting hides much I guess. Hopefully OnCorr says “it’s the shed or electrification” and the result will be bye bye old shed (even though the inertia of Toronto/Ontario means no electric is definitely...
  16. dowlingm

    TTC: Other Items (catch all)

    We could reduce the unfunded bus number by continuing to buy some hybrids instead of insisting on all orders being electric prior to 2028 (2040 minus 12 year lifespan)
  17. dowlingm

    Dufferin Street: Eliminating the jog

    Come up to midtown and see the impact the latest closure at Moore Avenue at Mud Creek is having… and the ETA for reopening isn’t for another 3 weeks.
  18. dowlingm

    TTC: Electric and alternative fuel buses

    Is New Flyer Winnipeg too busy to make these, or is the Minnesota plant their sole full-electric production facility at present?
  19. dowlingm

    VIA Rail

    My 2024 Trackside Guide has arrived and it indicates that NSC baggage car 9631 is on 290-291 (Pukatawagan-The Pas) in addition to the CC&F combo cars 5648 and 5649 It also lists ONR 415 and 418 as “acquired for rebuild” - whether that means “we’ll make bags out of them like we did 416-417 if...
  20. dowlingm

    VIA Rail

    Baggage cars on the corridor have been a rare sight for quite some time, I think? Anything on a Ren set is unlikely to be much help on Budd/HEP consists like those we are discussing for multiple reasons. People seem to be leaning hard on the VIA Rail fleet pages for numbers but these may not...