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    Eglinton East LRT | Metrolinx

    If there is one thing they learn from Line 5 and 6 it should be to build stops with enclosed shelters. Picture from Quebec Tramway proposal.
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    Toronto Portland Commons | 71.7m | 15s | Carttera | Sweeny &Co

    I really do wonder what will become of Draper Street with everything building up around it. I have posted before that it would make for an excellent bar street.
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    Toronto MRKT | 53.03m | 15s | Tridel | CS&P

    This almost looks like Brooklyn
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    Streetscapes from Elsewhere - Design Inspirations for Toronto

    Yes. We are still a city that was primarily industrial until the 1970s. We don't have the long history of being a global metropolis and market hub like Paris, Amsterdam, NYC, London, or even when compared Montreal. Once you view the administrative culture of Toronto as essentially midwestern...
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    Streetscapes from Elsewhere - Design Inspirations for Toronto

    The author is talking about a phenomenon that exists in all North American cities, not just Toronto in particular. Compare London to NYC for example. One city is just cleaner, has better public spaces, better maintained public transport and roads. I don't know the root of the issue, but I do...
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    Toronto Union Station Revitalization | ?m | ?s | City of Toronto | NORR

    The platforms under the shed are still being reworked eventually no? I thought the plan was to start with the south platforms (currently underway) and then rebuild the rest of the platforms in a phased approach? Are we certain that the shed will be kept in the final designs?
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    Toronto 2 Queen West | 34.44m | 7s | Cadillac Fairview | Zeidler

    This is a really good addition. I just wish CF would put money into rethinking the rest of the streetwall going up to Dundas.
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    Toronto 433 Front West | ?m | 51s | Dream

    Its fine but nothing special. Just looks like a handsomely detailed yet overall generic Toronto condo development. This was a Piano design? I really hope by "no resemblance" you mean that the thinking has become more ambitious here. But knowing this city I am prepared for disappointment
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    Sheppard Line 4 Subway Extension (Proposed)

    I think the absolute best scenario for this extension would be converting to fully automated light metro and elevating the line all the way to McCowan.
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    John Street Revitalization

    At least it seems like we will be getting a few of these street revitalizations going at the same time, give or take a few years. Between this, Reimagine Yonge, Yongetomorrow, the under Gardiner public realm, Queens Quay East, Avenue Road, etc - there will be a lot of great public realm spaces...
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    Toronto 952 King West | 58.5m | 17s | Intentional Capital | Sweeny &Co

    Wow @Northern Light super informative reply thanks! my heart aches every time I see a picture of Toronto streets pre 1950. Some of these areas would be so pleasant to walk through today.
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    Toronto 952 King West | 58.5m | 17s | Intentional Capital | Sweeny &Co

    Trees are good to see on King! I have always wondered - Is there any historical reason we don't have tree canopy on commercial/main streets in Toronto? Is it some auto-oriented planning rationale about businesses being able to advertise to drivers? Streetcar wires? Here is La Condesa in CDMX...
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    Homelessness on GTA Transit (catch all)

    Being from Edmonton myself, I always have to roll my eyes when people complain about homelessness, drug use, and crime in the GTA. I have a feeling most Toronto residents have no idea just how bad things are in Edmonton. Toronto feels way more safe. I also find it funny that a lot of...
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    Homelessness on GTA Transit (catch all)

    This is good. The idea that we could copy Portugese policy without any of the strings attached or public use regulations was absurd.
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    Zoning Reform Ideas

    Any idea when the official plan and bylaw amendments for EHON Major Streets will be brought to committee? The last report said sometime early 2024, and we are appraoching mid-2024.
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    Zoning Reform Ideas

    @Northern Light is the logic behind use it or lose it essentially to make rezoning and flip less viable?
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    Zoning Reform Ideas

    Surely there are very tangible gains to be made from simply allowing more units as of right.
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    Toronto Crosstown LRT | ?m | ?s | Metrolinx | Arcadis

    Crazy how nobody in the public 10+ years into this project knows how the signalling will actually function. Transit projects should really not be black boxes like this. We should have public access to technical documentation like is standard in Italy.
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    Zoning Reform Ideas

    Announcement of new housing legislation scheduled for today: I’m expecting some pretty bare-minimum reform. I hope I am wrong and MTSAs are moving forward.