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    Toronto 69 Yonge | 89.45m | 21s | H&R REIT | PARTISANS

    Lardner arrived in Upper Canada in 1804 with his parents. About 1808 he married Sarah Bradshaw, daughter of George Bradshaw (1762-1810) and Margaret Hill (1765-1817). In 1810, the family moved to the Town of York. Lardner’s wheelwright and carriage factory was on the south side of King Street at...
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    Toronto Pearson International Airport

    but really his problem is with Air Canada not the airport. and we all know Air Canada's motto. Seems like they succeeded with Mr. Whitney.
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    Toronto 778 King West | 63.3m | 17s | Lamb Dev Corp | a—A

    Yes but still twice the height for the site with no transition to the single family dwellings on Whitaker ave. Shadow studies show that the properties on the South side or Whitaker would shadowed by the building 6+ months of the year. Basically putting up a 200ft wall at the back of the...
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    Toronto King-Bathurst Transit Oriented Community: South Site | 88.9m | 25s | Infrastructure ON | SvN

    Looks like they did.
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    Toronto Ontario Line 3 | ?m | ?s

    Adelaide's tracks are not connect to York and has several spots that are in disrepair or sections that are missing between York and Yonge. York only has a single track running north. The shame of it is that the York connection was only done in the last 5 years they should have done the south...
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    Toronto Bloor Collegiate Replacement School | 16.8m | 4s | Toronto District School Board | Snyder Architects

    Harbord Collegiate and Jarvis Collegiate both have underground parking.
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    Finch West Line 6 LRT

    The system should be a tap on tap off no matter where you are in the system or what mode of travel, subway, LRT, bus. TTC would then have detailed data on how the system is being used currently. currently they get where people are getting on and where they transfer but not where they leave the...
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    Toronto Florence Booth House | 19.56m | 4s | The Salvation Army | DTAH

    There will be a need for relocation of the utility boxes on Tecumseth, just north of the lane way. I look forward to seeing this project completed. The some of the detailing of the queen facade would have been nice to have kept,/incorporated into the new building, i always felt that that stretch...
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    King Street (Streetcar Transit Priority)

    Enforcement of traffic laws is a police matter, enforcement on morons/self entitled people is a losing battle. What would be a better solution is if the advance green did not trigger if there is a streetcar sitting the stop. This should reduce the number of cars from getting caught in the...
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    Toronto 160 Front West | 239.87m | 46s | Cadillac Fairview | AS + GG

    There seems to be a plan to connect to the path under simcoe .
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    Richmond Hill Yonge Line 1 North Subway Extension | ?m | ?s | Metrolinx

    It is the fundamental flaw of the implementation of Presto with the TTC. They know how many people are getting on and off at station but not how they are travelling. This is because there is no requirement to tap off, and metro pass users seldom tap at transfers points or at all (personal...
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    TTC: Streetcar Network

    With all the mid rise development going in along the queensway from the humber to sherway future ridership will be there. especially with the developments existing and planned between Kipling and Islington. it is only a matter of time before the no name mall at the corner of Kipling and...
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    Toronto 689 King Street West | 62.02m | 18s | Manga | Sweeny &Co

    Today is the 11th. Just in case you show up to an appointment a day early tomorrow. ;)
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    Toronto Ontario Court of Justice Toronto | 95.7m | 17s | Infrastructure ON | Renzo Piano

    There was another flatbed sitting on university just north of queen with a whole lot more structural steel just like as pictured when i was coming back from lunch.
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    South Simcoe Railway

    Waterloo Central Railway has very regular operations.
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    Toronto CIBC SQUARE | 241.39m | 50s | Hines | WilkinsonEyre

    It might have something to do with the future removal of the east bound on-ramp to the Gardiner from bay and the removal of the Jarvis exit for a Yonge St exit. Could be needing to wait for that to be completed before creating pedestrian bridge. Just a thought
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    Toronto PJ Condos | 156.96m | 48s | Pinnacle | Hariri Pontarini

    Off loading more pre-cast brick segments this morning. Really is looking sharp.