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    Toronto Minto Westside | 68.88m | 20s | Minto Group | Wallman Architects

    I would be curious to know when construction will start on this project by Minto and Freed.
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    Toronto Fashion Week: Spring-Summer 2012

    Your response made me laugh!
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    One Bedroom Unit at Burano Condominiums (Assignment)

    I know this was posted a while back. I have a friend who would be interested so let me know if it is still available.
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    Recommendations for a real estate lawyer with experience in condo assignments?

    You can send me a private message if you want
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    Assignments - what can I expect the assignor to ask me aside from my deposit?

    I have deleted my question. I have the answer
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    Assignments (minimizing the risks?)

    Thanks for the replies! JayBee and dogbiskit I was great to read about your experiences in purchasing a condo via assignment! I am quite interested in an assignment that is selling for $257,000. Can anyone tell me approximately how much to budget for the fees associated with the...
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    Assignments (minimizing the risks?)

    Thanks for your reply interested! We’ll see if anyone else can comment on this topic.
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    Assignments (minimizing the risks?)

    What are the steps involved to minimize the risks associated with purchasing a condo by way of assignment? Of course, I will get a lawyer to help me once (and if) I find something I am interested in purchasing. However, I like to do my homework beforehand. If anyone has any links on this...
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    Understanding maintenance fees

    Thanks for your great response DSC and interested. I knew many of the things you wrote but I really appreciate your response. I wanted to be sure that I was not missing anything when looking at maintenance fees (I felt like I was missing something). Also, from what I have seen, I think that...
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    Understanding maintenance fees

    I am looking at assignments right now. I am trying to understand maintenance fees. I really prefer low maintenance fees. However, sometimes I just don’t understand how 2 condos in similar locations with similar amenities can have very big differences in their condo fees. But, that’s...
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    Are there are projects (preconstruction) for me?

    Thanks GraphicMatt! I have already seen those on MLS. They do meet my criteria. I am going to look at what else is out there for the next month though (to have a bette idea of what else is available). I heard from Minto775. The cheapest one bedroom left (2nd floor) is $279,800. It is a...
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    Are there are projects (preconstruction) for me?

    Interested: Thank you so much for your PM. I am spending one month looking at everything (preconstruction, resale, assignment) to get a better idea of what to do next. Then, if i need to, I will get a touch with an agent. DarnDirtyApe: That is great advice. However, I am not too picky...
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    Are there are projects (preconstruction) for me?

    Interested: I saw One Park West that will be built in one year. I was wondering if there were other preconstruction projects out there were I would not have to wait 3 years or more. That is why I was looking at what else was available aside from City Place. I have no preferences...
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    Are there are projects (preconstruction) for me?

    Thank you so much for the two links! I really appreciate it. You are absolutely right. For me it would be better to find something in the resale market. I have spent some time on MLS looking at condos and I have seen some that interested me (although the nice condos in the lower price...
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    Are there are projects (preconstruction) for me?

    I do not live in Toronto but I am planning a move there soon. It is more difficult for me to have access to information. I do not have access to the Toronto Condo guide, etc... My only source of info is the internet. Could you please please please tell me if there are any preconstruction...