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  1. kondoz

    Toronto 357 King West | 148.13m | 42s | Great Gulf | BDP Quadrangle

    haha. not exactly sold out. another example of an agent over hyping for sales
  2. kondoz

    Restaurant Comings & Goings

    Any ideas as to what restaurant might come into 220 King? I know the site has been available for a while. Currently Barootes.
  3. kondoz

    Toronto Fashion House | ?m | 12s | Freed | Core Architects

    Perhaps some of the parking can be used by the Keg customers.
  4. kondoz

    Future Regent Park Catholic School (20 Regent Street, TCDSB, ?s, ?)

    I thought the downtown population is continuing to grow quite rapidly. Why are so many schools closing? Or maybe it is my perception.
  5. kondoz

    Toronto 400 Wellington West | 38m | 12s | Sorbara | SMV

    That is fast! Let's hope those people on the top floors already have mortgages ready to go!
  6. kondoz

    Toronto 89 Avenue Yorkville | 76.5m | 20s | Armour Heights | Richard Wengle

    This is very exciting news! Wouldn't W be more suited to King West? Not to start that debate again...Just a thought.
  7. kondoz

    Toronto Rush Condos | 44.96m | 15s | Alterra | BDP Quadrangle

    Exciting! Wasn't this site held by that big media guy? He's Toronto based. His name eludes me. Someone else remember?
  8. kondoz

    Toronto oneeleven Condominiums | 55.47m | 17s | Harhay | Core Architects

    Gorgeous. I wish the would build condos like this (height, design) north of queen on bathurst.
  9. kondoz

    Toronto 400 Wellington West | 38m | 12s | Sorbara | SMV

    The kitchen does look cheap and for that size of unit they should have atleast upgrades the countertops, appliances etc. However I still think Wellington location is a much better (sought after) location than Victory.
  10. kondoz

    Toronto Bisha Hotel and Residences | 146.91m | 44s | Lifetime | Wallman Architects

    Where did you find this permit info AHK?
  11. kondoz

    Toronto O2 Toronto | 48.16m | 14s | Identity | P + S / IBI

    Does anyone know if there is any truth to the rumour that the project is having trouble with financing and will be sold?
  12. kondoz

    Toronto Globe and Mail Headquarters: Never-Built | ?m | 18s | The Globe and Mail | KPMB

    Was anyone upset with the height of the building being 19 stories? I believe that is much less than what Freed Minto are trying on the bathurst front side.
  13. kondoz

    Baby, we got a bubble!?

    That is correct. There is no steadfast number with regard to primary residence. However that grey area gives the CRA plenty of flexibility to look into your situation (audit?) if they do not think you are being genuine.
  14. kondoz

    400 Wellington West (Sorbara) - Real Estate -

    From pictures on other thread looks like a PDI has already been done on the 9th floor.
  15. kondoz

    Toronto 400 Wellington West | 38m | 12s | Sorbara | SMV

    it's gorgeous. Your terrace looks huge. Must be atleast 10 feet deep!
  16. kondoz

    Toronto 400 Wellington West | 38m | 12s | Sorbara | SMV

    what floor what floor are those pics taken from 400wellington?
  17. kondoz

    Toronto The Pemberton | 215.79m | 68s | Pemberton | a—A

    I've always wondered if Holts would open up in King West. Or at least open up a smaller secondary downtown store there.
  18. kondoz

    Toronto The Ivy | 110.33m | 34s | Tricon | Graziani + Corazza

    Think I found it, 1372 sq meters (from zoning amendment application). Which is a lot larger than I thought.
  19. kondoz

    Toronto The Ivy | 110.33m | 34s | Tricon | Graziani + Corazza

    Any idea as to the actual floorplate of this condo (not the full site)? It looks quite tiny.