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    Post House Condos (Alterra Developments) - Real Estate -

    I love the Saint Lawrence Mkt area and thought of buying PHC cuz I missed out on the Berczy but looking at floorplans, pricing and the building design I decided to pass. I don't think there were any units in the high 400s, the cheapest was somewhere in the mid 500's. Not worth it.
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    Quay West @ Tip Top Condo (Monarch Group) - Real Estate -

    Hey we are going to be neighbours! PM me we should chat
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    Quay West @ Tip Top Condo (Monarch Group) - Real Estate -

    You are supposed to get your PDI move in date and time 3 months prior to your moving date (I assume this is the occupancy date). The PDI should be happening about 4 weeks before occupancy. They said a letter will be mailed by PDI Pro the company Monarch hired to do the PDI.
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    Quay West @ Tip Top Condo (Monarch Group) - Real Estate -

    my only complaint was they held the event in the middle of nowhere, at the CNIB up at Bayview and Lawrence.
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    Quay West @ Tip Top Condo (Monarch Group) - Real Estate -

    They were very thorough with explaining the entire PDI process. They allowed at least 1.5-2hours to do the PDI, you can also bring as many peole to the PDI as you like (within reason). They went through the many condo rules and regulations that most people are concerned about as highlighted in...
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    Family Sized Condos

    Oh Rock!
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    Quay West @ Tip Top Condo (Monarch Group) - Real Estate -

    Anyone here on UT attend the Quay West @ Tip Top meet and greet yesterday? I was very impressed with the level of detailed information being provided to the owners. Looks like the majority are end users. I can't believe how organized they were with the whole PDI process. Kudos to Monarch
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    Toronto Maple Leaf Square | 185.92m | 54s | Lanterra | KPMB

    Some pics of the common/amenity spaces
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    596 Church Street (Church 18 Holdings, 25s, RAW) DEAD

    hey Greenleaf do you know where this meeting will be held?
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    Residences of Maple Leaf Square Condos (Lanterra Developments) - Real Estate -

    Some interior pics. Overall pretty pleased with the workmanship. The building is great. A bit of a maze on the 9th floor lobby but it's very nice. Enjoy
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    Maple Leaf Square

    West view
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    Maple Leaf Square

    Polystyrene, looks like you are a few floors above me.
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    Maple Leaf Square 1 Bdrm Very High floor

    hey debmath I sent you a PM with some detiails, if you need more lemme know. I will send pix when after PDI
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    Quay West @ Tip Top Condo (Monarch Group) - Real Estate -

    It's a great looking project and I suspect the maintenance fees will be kept low given that there aren't that many amenities in the bldg. A relative of mine is wanting to sell his unit to me on asisgnment. I'd be on the 14th floor I would be your nbr below if I end up buying. Hope Monarch...
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    Toronto Fly Condos | ?m | 24s | Empire | Graziani + Corazza

    Although I know many people who have gotten lost in the underground parking labyrinth. It's quite amusing.
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    Toronto Quay West at Tip Top | ?m | 23s | Mattamy Homes | a—A

    Love how this project compliments Tip Top Lofts. or least from the street.
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    Quay West @ Tip Top Condo (Monarch Group) - Real Estate -

    Quay West at Tip Top Someone wants to sell me their unit here. Would like your thoughts on this project. I'm thinking of moving down to the Waterfront and selling my unit in Murano. I really love the architectural design of this bldg and reputation of Monarch seems pretty good, but the...
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    Berczy Condos, The (Concert Properties) - Real Estate -

    It's a very good price but I would feel very boxed in. Essentially you would have no outside view only looking into your own balcony with partition walls around. If you plan on living there in the long term I wouldn't suggest it. However, I'm sure you could rent it out given the location and...
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    Maple Leaf Square 1 Bdrm Very High floor

    Looking to rent out a 1 Bdrm unit at Maple Leaf Square, Florida Model approximately 500 Square Feet. Very high floor above 40 stories. occupancy expected in July 2nd. If interesteted please PM me we can discuss price.
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    Pacific Mall Expansion + Hotel (Living Realty, 19s?, Petroff)

    Traffic in this area is already a nightmare (especially during the weekends and holidays) with all this added construction, it will be total chaos. Hope the planners have properly addressed the traffic situation. With all the parking lots being used for the expansion, I hope they move quickly...