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    Ontario court finds Hi-Rise Group acted in bad faith on pre-sale contract cancellations

    Ontario court finds Hi-Rise Group acted in bad faith on pre-sale contract cancellations Anyone know the details? I gave up G&M subscription and no one else seems to have reported on this case.
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    Monde Condominiums (Great Gulf Homes) - Real Estate -

    do you know how much will be added to your monthly condo fees ?
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    micro condos

    ^ ^ ^ that's a bowling alley - lots of wasted space unlike a more versatile square/rectangle
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    E Condos (Bazis, Metropia, RioCan) - Real Estate -

    I hope that was just the DR/kitchen area, otherwise one would have to forego that table to fit a sofa.
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    Toronto | Social at Church + Dundas | 165m | 52s | Pemberton | RAW Design

    the façade reminds me of bizarro's face - undulating crystalline structure
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    Renting out a condo party room to the public?

    not the most flattering reviews that spans almost 1 year and they still don't have their sh!t together … actually downright horrific & amateurish operation so it seems: 2 Comments Sort by Oldest Ann Rudder Lavelle is NOT a high-end, beautiful rooftop in Toronto. The esthetic beauty is not...
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    Water heater rental

    Is the water hardness different throughout GTA? I think most contracts expire after 10 or 15 years, which is probably the maximum lifespan. The last water heater lasted 17 years. Mine is due around July or so, so I'm looking to replace with my own vs rental.
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    Water heater rental

    It's out of habit & scare tactics Enercare etc use. If it's a rental, why do you need to pay for repairs? I've been paying $20/m x 12 x 15 years, so that's $3,600. I think an equivalent is $1,200-1,500 installed. Can you PM me or leave details here about the new tank & price? TIA
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    Condos not regularly occupied -- can we tell from bare balconies?

    empty condos that are NOT in the rental market artificially decreases the super low vacancy rate and increases the rental rates. it's very common for Chinese buyers in China to leave units empty as they believe occupancy will negatively affect the value vs never lived in. condo units sold to...
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    Condos not regularly occupied -- can we tell from bare balconies?

    you probably can get a better idea at night and see which of the units are always dark at night.
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    Toronto | 411 Church | 122m | 38s | CentreCourt | IBI Group

    I was walking by the area last week and very surprised how quickly this tower has gone up compared to the Stanley Condo tower next door. IIRC, Stanley Condo tower began sales at least 1-2 years before Centrecourt.
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    Real Estate Agent for Pre-Construction?

    builders pay 3-5% to the buyers agent, so try to get that reduction in price if you're doing it yourself.
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    River City Condos Phase 3 (UrbanCapital) - Real Estate -

    D Did you complete the kitchen yet? Too bad you didn't get the cabinetry. what do you consider full-sized appliances? 30"/36" sink/stove/refrigerator? 11'4" * 9'9" is the space you're working with, correct? i'm assuming you can't move the location due to fixed electrical/plumbing stacks?
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    Fortress Real Developments woes

    oh no, those guys (Jawad Rathore & Vince Petrozza) again ?!? where's Ben to the defence?
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    Toronto | 1700 Avenue Road | 27m | 7s | Empire | RAW Design

    will this project be a stump ???
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    Kingston&Co Condominiums (Main and Main Dev & TAS) - Real Estate -

    seriously? you bought a condo and don't know how the occupancy fee will be calculated? read your PSA docs ... all outlined there.
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    Toronto | 728 Yonge | ?m | 3s | Brook McIlroy

    exactly. the project's incorporation of the facade (an existing heritage listed building) isn't any different than many condo mixed-use development. since they've taken 3 lots on corner of Yonge & Charles St W, that's a good large buildable plot (maybe 80' x 150'). i'm disappointed they didn't...
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    Issues with builder

    name the builder and the project. the public should be made aware of who they are and who/what future buyers could be potentially dealing with. also, negative publicity will probably work in your favour and pressure the developer to do what's right instead of hiding behind legal loopholes for...