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  1. Tuscani01

    Toronto The Quay, Tower Three (was Maple Leaf Quay) | 66.44m | 21s | Pacific Reach | BDP Quadrangle

    I hope so. It was a struggle to lease those units previously as no one detoured into this space from the street. It was a dead zone. They’ll need a tenant that naturally draws people in or it will likely end up just as dead. Rent was cheap for those units too. I imagine it will be significantly...
  2. Tuscani01

    Toronto 350 Bloor East | 209.07m | 63s | Osmington Gerofsky | Hariri Pontarini

    It’s still 16 as per the report. The arch drawings don’t reflect what’s being approved.
  3. Tuscani01

    Toronto 19 Bloor West | 317.4m | 99s | Reserve Properties | Arcadis

    That means a settlement offer is on the table and this won’t even get to a hearing.
  4. Tuscani01

    Toronto 137-141 Isabella Street | 231.55m | 69s | Pinedale | BDP Quadrangle

    I lived in this building, moved out 3 years ago. Pinedale was renovating every single unit and pouring a lot of money into common areas, the landscaping, brick repair, the lobby, balconies, and the ground floor exterior. I think this is just their attempt at protecting their future rights to...
  5. Tuscani01

    Toronto Freed Hotel & Residences | 219m | 63s | Freed | AS + GG

    CityPlace has also successfully maintained all of its lighting features - however those were secured as public art and all of the condo boards are required to maintain them. The artist already got into a squabble with Harbourview Estates when they started keeping the lights off to save money.
  6. Tuscani01

    Toronto The One | 328.4m | 91s | Mizrahi Developments | Foster + Partners

    Though the height increase is tied to additional benefits the city secured. If the receivership doesn’t want to commit to that deal, there’s no height increase. This could be the impasse.
  7. Tuscani01

    Toronto West Don Lands: Block 13 | 105.76m | 31s | Dream | Henriquez Partners

    Bring on the density. The neighbourhood is so dead today. Needs an infusion of people to make it feel less abandoned. It’s my only gripe about the neighbourhood, and I live in it.
  8. Tuscani01

    Toronto 247 Davenport Road | 64.69m | 16s | DC Dev Corp | Richard Wengle

    What impact does anything on Davenport have on the neighbourhood to the south?
  9. Tuscani01

    Toronto Toronto Coach Terminal Redevelopment | ?m | ?s | CreateTO

    Approved and no building permits = impacted. Approved and under construction ≠ impacted.
  10. Tuscani01

    Toronto Toronto Coach Terminal Redevelopment | ?m | ?s | CreateTO

    Looks like it may be around 50 metres. As @Northern Light pointed out, it likely just means moving around the massing. It’s a big enough site to play around with.
  11. Tuscani01

    Toronto Toronto Coach Terminal Redevelopment | ?m | ?s | CreateTO

    Yes, this impacts the site, and many more sites throughout downtown which may need to reduce height now. It’s my understanding that there was an incident with a helicopter at one of the hospitals that triggered the need for these changes, so it’s all for good reason.
  12. Tuscani01

    Toronto The James at Scrivener Square | 81.65m | 21s | Tricon | Graziani + Corazza

    Grapefruit in the courtyard is still a go. That rendering isn't the courtyard though.
  13. Tuscani01

    400/401 Development (LFL Group, ?s, ?)

    End the 400 as a T Junction at the 401, replace the 400 ramps that extend further south to transition to a road sooner, and extend Black Creek Dr into the site. Reconnect the road network east-west, and add some more north-south roads.
  14. Tuscani01

    Mississauga Hurontario-Main Line 10 LRT | ?m | ?s | Metrolinx

    A recent Facebook post from the project page hinted at unique cladding and blue lighting planned for the elevated guideway.
  15. Tuscani01

    Mississauga M4 at M City | 215.6m | 67s | Rogers Real Estate | Core Architects

    Absolutely. It’s easy to pick up enough homes for a site that can accommodate more. The hard part will be getting council, planning, and the nearby residents to buy into increasing the density.
  16. Tuscani01

    Toronto 316 Bloor West | 121.14m | 37s | State Building Group | Kirkor

    Not sure if anyone noticed, but this just grew a few storeys via CofA. New height is 121m.
  17. Tuscani01

    Distillery District

    Isn’t it open? I walked by a couple weeks ago and it was open and people were inside.
  18. Tuscani01

    Toronto One Roxborough West | 49.42m | 12s | North Drive | Reflect Architecture

    Appealed 😒