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  1. Dan416

    TTC: Other Items (catch all)

    I would definitely take this as an opportunity to name the station what it should have been named to begin with, Steeles West, just as you say. To me, any other name would be unsatisfactory. "The Village at Black Creek" would be a monstrosity of a name worse than "Vaughan Metropolitan Centre".
  2. Dan416

    Mississauga M3 at M City | 260.29m | 77s | Rogers Real Estate | Arcadis

    I'm at Hurontario and Elm so the western edge of MCC is a bit of a walk for me. Hurontario is one of the most important streets in Mississauga, and it's not very urban all things considered. A lot of buildings don't actually front onto Hurontario (I noticed this when I was curious what the...
  3. Dan416

    Quebec-Windsor Corridor

    I always take train 668 on a Wednesday so I guess that's why I haven't seen it yet.
  4. Dan416

    Quebec-Windsor Corridor

    I usually take trains 668 and 69. How come they never use the new trains?
  5. Dan416

    Mississauga M3 at M City | 260.29m | 77s | Rogers Real Estate | Arcadis

    Confederation will feel more urban if/when the Hurontario LRT runs down it for the city centre loop. It may feel like a proper urban street! Maybe
  6. Dan416

    Toronto Etobicoke Civic Centre | 75.82m | 16s | CreateTO | Henning Larsen

    People will literally complain about everything.
  7. Dan416

    Toronto U of T: Landscape of Landmark Quality | ?m | 1s | U of T | MVVA

    Whaaat? That's part of its character. I'm not sure but the blackened exterior might be due to the fire a hundred years ago.
  8. Dan416

    Cycling infrastructure (Separated bike lanes)

    Do city councils have the same kind of rules as parliament, where you can't be sued for the things you say?
  9. Dan416

    General railway discussions

    Of course corporations are going to maximize their profits. But the fact that the railways sell off their ROWs and then governments dismantle them is on the governments, not the railways. The first thing these governments do is tear up the tracks and build trails. There is zero foresight...
  10. Dan416

    VIA Rail

    Why don't Amtrak and VIA just cooperate on procuring their new fleets? Are there any major differences between their long distance fleets that would prevent them from working together (other than political considerations).
  11. Dan416

    GO studies Bolton rail service

    At least there’s a pedestrian connection to the platform at Kipling.
  12. Dan416

    VIA Rail

    I would guess the main thing is that VIA is such a small player, and if Amtrak is ordering basically the same thing soon, then it makes sense for them to piggyback off Amtrak’s larger order, even if it means we get ours later.
  13. Dan416

    GO Transit: Service thread (including extensions)

    I mean he's not wrong. It seems transit decisions are made according to who whines the loudest.
  14. Dan416

    Mississauga The Kith and Kindred Condominiums | ?m | 25s | Daniels | Kirkor Architects

    It is still a question mark as to why. So people want to live next to a hospital and a second-tier mall? I just don't see Erin Mills or Eglinton becoming pedestrian-oriented streets, well, ever. And there's like not really any secondary roads around them to develop a proper street grid. These...
  15. Dan416

    GO Transit: Service thread (including extensions)

    I don't think the demand is the problem. Look at the Lakeshore and Kitchener lines. If you add service, ridership follows. Milton would do well if it had two-way all-day service.
  16. Dan416

    Square One Shopping Centre

    Holt's is a bit out of place at Square One. But I wouldn't say all the luxury brands are misplaced at Square One. I think certain ones make some sense. Like I wouldn't necessarily call Zara "high end" but it is a higher price point and it seems to be doing well. I think an Abercrombie or...
  17. Dan416

    Mississauga The Kith and Kindred Condominiums | ?m | 25s | Daniels | Kirkor Architects

    If people think Square One is hostile to pedestrians, I'd argue Eglinton and Erin Mills Pkwy are a lot worse. They're both 6 lanes each, with dual left turn lanes, and both are very busy roads. I think calling them stroads is overly generous. I can't really understand why people would want to...
  18. Dan416

    King Street (Streetcar Transit Priority)

    I'm really disappointed that a red light doesn't deter dumb drivers. However, considering I have seen drivers go straight through full on regular red lights in Mississauga (where I'd argue it's far more dangerous and likely to result in a car-on-car collision), I guess it shouldn't surprise me...
  19. Dan416

    GO Transit: Service thread (including extensions)

    If the express time is 23 minutes, seems hardly worth the reduction in service at Bloor and Weston.
  20. Dan416

    Mississauga Hurontario-Main Line 10 LRT | ?m | ?s | Metrolinx

    It's deleted so I guess they realized their mistake.