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    Toronto The Pemberton | 215.79m | 68s | Pemberton | a—A

    183 and 238 including mech. are the right numbers....
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    Toronto 330 Richmond | 93.57m | 27s | Greenpark | Core Architects I happen to know that application was submitted only 2 hours 30 minutes prior to this being posted........someone's well informed, and diligent, I'd say!!!!
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    Toronto Massey Tower Condos | 206.95m | 60s | MOD Developments | Hariri Pontarini

    Ugh! The space between the two old buildings is such a great opportunity to add something special here - an unabashedly modern glass atrium perhaps, to offset the heritage aesthetic. This just looks like a massive building crammed in without any thought to how it meets the street. David P -...
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    842 Gerrard Street East (Matas Homes, 14s, Icon Architects) WITHDRAWN

    Apparently they won't allow anything taller than 6 floors here.......
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    842 Gerrard Street East (Matas Homes, 14s, Icon Architects) WITHDRAWN

    Word on the street is that unfortunately the project got killed by a very negative reaction from the Councillor in the area. But we all prefer strip malls anyway, don't we..........?!
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    Toronto M2M Condos | 129.9m | 40s | Aoyuan | Wallman Architects

    Actually the city is considering extensing the ring roads in this area to Steeles, through their North Yonge Study that has its first meeting this up to give some support to the idea and it may actually happen!
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    Toronto Clear Spirit | 131.36m | 40s | Cityscape | a—A

    If its for a draft plan of condo it must be for an existing building just finishing construction. Not a new building. Otherwise it would be A Rezoning or site plan application. It's probably for the distillery district condo now nearing completion here.
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    Toronto Bungalow on Mercer | 62.79m | 17s | Kalovida | Scott Shields

    Yup. I agree with you 100% per my earlier post.
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    Toronto Bungalow on Mercer | 62.79m | 17s | Kalovida | Scott Shields

    ...not if that spot costs you a $50,000+ premium over the cost of your unit. Money that even a generally well-off person can see the wisdom in re-allocating to other more worthwhile investments if they can meet most of their needs without a car. I work with a number of young professionals that...
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    Toronto Bungalow on Mercer | 62.79m | 17s | Kalovida | Scott Shields

    You have to look past transit. Someone buying/renting here will make good money in a job downtown, probably walking distance, and with a good salary comes the additional option of using taxi's on a frequent basis. All the benefits of a car, with no hassle. And if they have/come from money...
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    Toronto Bungalow on Mercer | 62.79m | 17s | Kalovida | Scott Shields

    Really? Think Manhattan, and a host of other great world cities where having a car is not needed or even desirable for a good lifestyle ... not to mention...the royal military college site on University where Tribute is building a 40 plus storey tower with no parking! I think it is a sign of a...
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    Upside Down + Fuse Condos (Channington/Brownstone, 14s x2, 26s x2, Burka)

    I posed this question to the developer (Rob Falus) a few months ago and his response was yes - Phase 2 is going up concurrent with Phase I.
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    Toronto Art Shoppe Condos | 98.75m | 28s | Freed | a—A

    won't be anywhere near minto midtown. Think 20 storey range. this is outside the YE centre boundary.
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    Toronto The Forest Hill Condominiums | 60.7m | 17s | CentreCourt | BDP Quadrangle

    The Green P lot accross from Starbucks will probably soon be a development proposal for 9 storeys as there is a staff report saying that TPA has begun talks with the next door owner to develop a mixed use building with UG Green P parking.
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    Greater Toronto's Sprawl

    I don't live downtown either but I absolutely disagree that suburbia is a life choice as equally benign as living downtown or more specifically living a more balanced life where every moment need not revolve around a car. Suburbia s much more than a place - it is a mind set - a very selfish and...
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    Greater Toronto's Sprawl

    Ya...Brampton is the new will NOT age well...of all places in the GTA it will become a suburban slum the fastest. At least Scarborough has the bluffs. What does Brampton have? Chinguacousy Park?
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    Toronto Minto Yorkville Park Condos | 75.89m | 25s | Minto Group | IBI Group

    I have it on very good authority that the architect is Page & Steele.........