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    Newmarket Redwood on Yonge DEAD | 75.8m | 22s | Redwood | Arcadis

    A project like this doesn't really just die. Likely will be reworked behind the scenes, a development/investment partner will be found, or sold to another proponent.
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    Brampton City Lands Cricket Stadium | ?m | ?s | City of Brampton

    New York City FC rotates between playing out of the Yankees and the Mets stadium currently, for which they are considered a laughing stock. Watching games there are absolutely brutal and the viewing experience on TV is absolutely horrendous, and it is questionable if the field dimensions even...
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    Brampton City Lands Cricket Stadium | ?m | ?s | City of Brampton

    I don't have much knowledge on cricket field dimensions, but it would be interesting if this were to become the first mixed-use cricket and soccer stadium in North America. This would provide a strong impetus to bring a CPL team to Brampton if an investor could be found.
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    Toronto 1875 Steeles Avenue West | 129.65m | 39s | Tenblock | BDP Quadrangle

    New docs posted Feb 5, 2024 for the 2nd resubmission. Heights remain the same, but additional density in the proposal including more (and from the wording, higher-quality) affordable housing which @HousingNowTO will be interested in. Revised renderings from arch plans: It is also very...
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    Toronto Thorncliffe Park Transit-Oriented Community | ?m | ?s | Infrastructure ON

    What is amusing is that Thorncliffe and Flemingdon Park were originally constructed as upper-middle class communities in mind. It is maybe a good example of how access to services, amenities, and employment (these two areas despite being proximal to the core, are still >1h commute to the...
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    Toronto Thorncliffe Park Transit-Oriented Community | ?m | ?s | Infrastructure ON

    Office at this location is a silly idea and won't be accepted by the market.
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    Toronto Yonge City Square Residences | 117.09m | 32s | Gupta | Arcadis

    Launched in February, flopped due to ridiculous pricing, and re-launched over the summer with a new sales team (RDS Brokerage) leading the sales. Floorplate was also redesigned in the process I believe with more efficient layouts to attract a greater pool of buyers.
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    Toronto 2525 Bathurst Street | 49.38m | 13s | Cromwell | Arcadis

    Bizarre that there is no signs yet of leasing activity for this project, with it being so near to completion.
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    Toronto 980 Dufferin | 124.63m | 37s | Hazelview | Turner Fleischer

    Does that make 4 cranes up for this site in total?
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    Toronto 888 Dupont | 53.9m | 14s | TAS | SA

    Construction permits in place or is this just demo work?
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    Vaughan 72 Steeles Avenue West | 199.7m | 60s | Humbold | Kirkor

    For the curious, the latest plans calls for 1,423 parking spaces and 2,596 bicycle spaces.
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    Vaughan 72 Steeles Avenue West | 199.7m | 60s | Humbold | Kirkor

    Further revisions last Fall. SPA dropped for the three western towers, looks like this will be the first phase, with the 60-storey Yonge Street tower listed as phase 2. Site is now 60, 59, 45 & 38-storeys and totaling 2,532 units. Steeles facing tower: Yonge facing tower: More renders:
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    Toronto SmartCentres Eglinton West | ?m | 60s | SmartCentres | Turner Fleischer

    My understanding is that these rules were put in place as a result of the early 90's real estate crash and to prevent condo projects from looking like a Harry Stinson-esque misadventure. Canada is indeed a unique market, but the investor-friendly condo floorplates do actually sale well, and the...
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    Toronto SmartCentres Eglinton West | ?m | 60s | SmartCentres | Turner Fleischer

    It would also drive new condo development to a screeching halt under current financial regulatory rules. If the objective is to force new development to be purpose-built rental, then sure, but a majority of the new rental supply comes from investor-driven condo development being rented out on...
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    Toronto Exhibition Transit Oriented Community: Jefferson Site | 71.9m | 19s | Infrastructure ON | SvN

    The massing for these proposed buildings are about 40-storeys too short.
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    Hamilton 166-190 Main Street West | 87.1m | 27s | BentallGreenOak | Kirkor

    When I see an opportunity to tag @Northern Light and have him review planting choices at new developments, I will take it. Pulled from the CoA link. BentallGreenOak talks a good corporate ESG game typically, curious if their talk matches the walk through use of native and non-invasive species...