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  1. H4F33Z

    Steeles RT

    I live near Kenendy Road in Scarborough, I watched the progress of the bus lanes on Kennedy/Midland. It took about a month for the bus lane to turn into a "red" bus lane. Lemme tell you the red, absolutely made a difference. Compliance of drivers (not driving in the bus lane) went from about...
  2. H4F33Z

    TTC: Other Items (catch all)

    Yeah I hate this debate of if we should even have next-time arrival displays at stops because everyone “apparently” has a phone, and everyone apparently has mobile data. From that logic, we shouldn’t even include the bus route numbers on the bus stop, just let people scan a QR code instead!
  3. H4F33Z

    Toronto Crosstown LRT | ?m | ?s | Metrolinx | Arcadis

    That doesn’t make sense?? The city has literally made an exemption for the LRVs to go 60km/h, contrary to the signed limit. I‘m going to find this report. EDIT: Seems I’ve already posted on this. Here’s the part of the motion from 2021 Link to Motion This may just be a miscommunication from...
  4. H4F33Z

    Cycling infrastructure (Separated bike lanes)

    This stub two way cycle track will continue east on Dundas Street to meet up at the future rebuilt overpass at Scarlett by 2024/2025. This small stub is basically due to localized road/water main work, where the city is “capitalizing“ on oppurtunities to implement high quality pieces of...
  5. H4F33Z

    Road Safety & Vision Zero Plan

    I'm not sure if anyone posted this but: Picture of tweet: Link to Media Release
  6. H4F33Z

    Danforth Line 2 Scarborough Subway Extension

    It might be a problem in the future. The plan is to extend many bus routes from their existing terminus at SC to Kennedy so riders can have a one-seat ride. There's not many buses now because its just Line 3 shuttles + local buses, but when they extend many bus routes, that's where it may become...
  7. H4F33Z

    Cycling infrastructure (Separated bike lanes)

    Lucky for you, someone did ask this exact question in a Q & A during consultation and here is the answer. TLDR: They will pick up from the traffic lane.
  8. H4F33Z

    Cycling infrastructure (Separated bike lanes)

    You can contact 311 to request a curb-cut. If no response, try reaching out to your local councillor.
  9. H4F33Z

    GTHA Transit Fare Integration

    I for one don't believe that GO-TTC transfers will be implemented by the end of the year. It's such a big promise with no funding or steps to show for it, it wasn't even an official press release.
  10. H4F33Z

    GO Transit: Construction Projects (Metrolinx, various)

    They've stopped stopping at Scarborough/Danforth for a while now.
  11. H4F33Z

    Cycling infrastructure (Separated bike lanes)

    Yes, the main problem now is the pace at which we are building is far below what is needed to truly make cycling a viable option in the suburbs.
  12. H4F33Z

    Cycling infrastructure (Separated bike lanes)

    Just putting this here before Holyday puts in a motion at the council to cancel the extension. Do I expect many votes in favour of him? Not really.
  13. H4F33Z

    Toronto Bloor-Yonge Station Capacity Enhancement | ?m | ?s | TTC | AECOM

    I can't believe that it took this amount of complaints and pointing-outs for the TTC to do something that is the biggest no-brainer opportunity in a major station renovation that will cost more than a billion dollars and take about a decade to build. I also can't believe the persuasion worked...
  14. H4F33Z

    Richmond Hill Yonge Line 1 North Subway Extension | ?m | ?s | Metrolinx

    I also think the city would rather just make the Yonge North area more walkable, bikeable and improve local buses as part of area plans so the distance between Cummer Avenue and Steeles/Finch Station is more bearable. It's not ideal, but it's not the end of the world for the area. It's what the...
  15. H4F33Z

    Metrolinx: Presto Fare Card

    Apple Pay's Express Transit Card function works even when the phone dies from low battery! So no haha.
  16. H4F33Z

    Sheppard Line 4 Subway Extension (Proposed)

    I think it's great to start planning this now, and then when funding rolls in 4-5 years, we can just build it. All transit lines and extensions gotta start somewhere, and it seems there hasn't been much push for subway extensions for Sheppard but now that there is, and we're actually planning...
  17. H4F33Z

    Metrolinx: Presto Fare Card

    There's a reason why it's closed testing. Imagine if everyone had access to something that wouldn't even work half of the time or has major bugs. SO Many liability issues and complaints on twitter. Best to work through most of the bugs.
  18. H4F33Z

    Cycling infrastructure (Separated bike lanes)

    I believe dedicated turning lanes are required for separate driving and cyclist/pedestrian phases. People can now just follow their signal, which is what is done in the Netherlands, far better than hoping that drivers see you while turning. While I admit the intersection looks massive, it's...
  19. H4F33Z

    Toronto Crosstown LRT | ?m | ?s | Metrolinx | Arcadis

    To be fair, ION is much more akin to a Streetcar. A lot of places where its running are curbside along the road in Downtown Kitchener and Uptown Waterloo, and tracks cross many driveways with just "look out for trains"" signs. And at intersections, rather than signalizing every turning movement...
  20. H4F33Z

    GO Transit: Service thread (including extensions)

    Honestly, I'd much rather see bus lanes along the 401 to create a rapid bus network that would actually get people moving and out of traffic.