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    Baby, we got a bubble!?

    The rental does not generate 8% cap rate. You can't compare the purchase price of 10 years ago vs today's rents to calculate a yield. He should calculate the cap rate based on today's valuations and opportunity costs for the equity and compare that to other assest classes to see if it's...
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    Starbucks is not a freak'n library!

    Your first mistake was going inside a Starbucks. But seriously he was "looking at you"? Grow a set.
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    Baby, we got a bubble!?

    Here are details for the BMO Low-Rate Mortgage: ■5 year fixed term ■Only 10/10 pre-payment privileges (vs 20/20 on other BMO products) ■Maximum amortization period: 25 years ■You can’t refinance or switch to another mortgage lender before the 5 year period is over ■Not available on...
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    How would you decorate this unit?

    I'd put a small 2 seat dining table near the kitchen. The TV in the far corner. A 2 seater couch against the bedroom wall. Maybe another small bench with coffee table or decoration.
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    Baby, we got a bubble!?

    Of course not, it's different this time. In 1989 a Toronto SFH went down 25% over 4 years and took 12 years to recover in nominal prices. Prices in Toronto are down 40,000$ since May 2011 Prices are still up year over year.
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    Modern Condos, The (Empire Communities) - Real Estate -

    When you spend hundreds of thousands of dollars for a promise to buy a concrete box in the sky you have to understand all the risks before you make your decision (including possible delays). I'm sorry about the pee in your cornflakes.
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    Design Opinion

    Erin start your own thred. Carturo I would leave the unit as is.
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    Modern Condos, The (Empire Communities) - Real Estate -

    That's one of the risks with buying off floor plans. On the other hand it's been almost 2 years since your purchase so it must have increased in value.
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    Mortgage opinions required, help!! You may also PM mortgage brokers in the following thread. They seem to be offering good rates for GTA only. Originally Posted by Geese_Howard 1 year 2.09% 2...
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    Baby, we got a bubble!?
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    Victory Condos (BLVD Developments, Lifetime Developments) - Real Estate -
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    M5V Life Condos (TAS DesignBuild, Lifetime Developments) - Real Estate -
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    300 PSF Still Available?

    You know this thread is 2 years old right?
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    condo in ottawa

    You can get to the balcony from either living room or bedroom. There's also a pillar in the corner.
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    condo in ottawa

    What are your opinions on this condo in Ottawa?
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    Should cities start blocking urban sprawl?

    I agree with you. For better or worse those days are long gone.
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    Should cities start blocking urban sprawl?

    The point of the study was to demonstrate the effects of government controlled land restrictions on housing affordability. Obviously cities with higher desirability and quality of life will command higher prices. Nowhere in the report did it mention Detroit was a model city whose policies...
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    Should cities start blocking urban sprawl? Good article about the subject and raises some interesting points. But just like everything else...should be read with a grain of salt.