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  1. J

    Rise (Reserve Properties) - Real Estate -

    Anyone have any idea if this condo will be registered soon. Got occupancy since March. Hate paying "rent" to builder on my own property.
  2. J

    Toronto King Adelaide Centre | 51.95m | 12s | YAD | KFA

    Anyone know when this project will commence with construction? I have a condo facing west in the adjacent building (461 Adelaide st W) and this new building will be standing right in front of it. Just want to know so i can brace myself.
  3. J

    Looking for a 1bd or 1bd+1 Assignment sale in king west

    Looking for a 1bd or 1bd+1 Assignment sale in king west area with occupancy within the now and next june . budget is about $680k max. please let me know if anyone has any for sale in the new condos currently being built around king st and portland and surrounding area.
  4. J

    DNA3 Condos (Canderel Stoneridge) - Real Estate -

    Does anyone have any idea when the building will be registered? I hear end of Jan from an agent, and end of february from another agent. They seem to be all over the place. Also, am looking at a unit which faces King st. Am a little concerned about how noisy and busy it can get. Wondering if...
  5. J

    Please help with survey about Toronto Condos..

    I figured I would put this forum section here since this is where the most traffic is. My team is doing research on Toronto/GTA condos for a class project and need your help to better understand the condo market. If you OWN or RENT a condo in the GTA, please fill out the survey. The survey...
  6. J

    South Hill on Madison (the Burnac Group) - Real Estate -

    anyone have an idea when the townhouses will be rleased and at what pricepoint they start?
  7. J

    Bold Towns (837 Broadview n of Danforth, Buildcrest, 3s, Richard Wengle) COMPLETE

    any idea what price this project will start from?
  8. J

    Hey Investors, Stop Buying Pre-construction! (you're shooting yourselves in the foot)

    hey so many people talk like they have magic crystal balls in their closets....some are not even factoring demand/supply in the city, # of immigrants, population etc...people just like to speculate. Nobody knows the future...if we all knew apple stocks would be where they are today, we would...
  9. J

    Edition Richmond (Curated Properties) - Real Estate -

    anyone have any idea what the pricing of this project might be?
  10. J

    Canterbury Lawrence Park Townhomes (Tribute Communities) - Real Estate -

    Not sure if am allowed to start a thread on a project or notify the moderators but i f ound no thread about this project. Units are selling from low $700,000 to $1million. Agents claim sales have been going well. Just wondering what peoples opinion are with regards to the project and property...
  11. J

    thinking about much can I expect to walk away with?

    Thanks for the input. Just looking at a property which I suddenly got interested and might be willing to sacrifice what i have in this right now for. So I was just looking for a rough estimate to see what my loss or profit would be if i opted to sell this one.
  12. J

    thinking about much can I expect to walk away with?

    Bought for $342,000. put 20% down ($68,400). Now selling for $380,000-420,000. Assuming I sell and get $380,000, how much can i expect to walk away with after the sale and penalties etc given the following factors. Mortgage Balance: $270,242.03 Maturity Date: June 22, 2016 Term: 5 years...
  13. J

    would you sell?

    Am a young dude....relatively speaking that is. 2 yrs away from 30. long term goal is to own nice investments across the city... preferably a positive income generating rental complex. Bought a townhouse in North York (weston/sheppard) last year before construction for $340k. Only $20k down...
  14. J

    where to find rental complex for sale?

    Can you please elaborate , preferably with an example on what you mean when you say stable low return.
  15. J

    where to find rental complex for sale?

    My goal is to purchase one of these and manage it for a long-run goal of building equity and wealth. I will be looking at paying it off within a relatively short-time frame so the bank wont end up making me wait about 30years before enjoying the benefits of such an asset. That is just my goal on...
  16. J

    where to find rental complex for sale?

    I haven't had much luck on mls at all, and on the internet period. Can anyone steer me in the right direction if am looking to buy buildings like a 6-20 apartment complex for example. thanks just1time
  17. J

    Toronto Rise Condos | 76.5m | 23s | Reserve Properties | Graziani + Corazza

    anyone got any updates on the sales of this project? I grabbed a 1bd. Seems to have had a great opening and they are not even open to the public yet.
  18. J

    Rise (Reserve Properties) - Real Estate -

    Does anyone know what floor facing east clears the buildings beside the condo?