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  1. Full Metal Junkie

    Toronto Park Lawn GO Station | 12.83m | 2s | First Capital | Hatch

    How is soaking up a couple hundred cars from Gardiner going to solve the rush hour congestion? Or are you suggesting building a 50-storey megaparking supergarage? Unless you offload thousands of cars from Gardiner, you're not going to notice any change in congestion.
  2. Full Metal Junkie

    Toronto Mirabella Condominiums | 120m | 38s | Mirabella Dev Corp | Scott Shields

    It is not uncommon for an UrbanToronto forum dweller to come under attack for posting their opinions. Opinions are just like butt-holes: we all have them, but no two are exactly alike. It is much less common for a UT forum member to come under attack for posting photos though. And it is...
  3. Full Metal Junkie

    Toronto's Other Skylines

    Humber Bay Shores by dusk
  4. Full Metal Junkie

    Post your pictures of Toronto here!

    Cycling on the Martin Goodman Trail towards Humber Bay Shores
  5. Full Metal Junkie

    2022/24 Russian-Ukrainian War

    Why do you see autumn 2025 as the critical point in time? I can understand January 2025 (i.e. the second inauguration of Donnie Tinyhands) as being the point at which Ukraine gets arm-wrestled into negotiations. Why autumn though?
  6. Full Metal Junkie

    Toronto KING Toronto | 57.6m | 16s | Westbank | Bjarke Ingels Group

    I'm much more curious about this man: Who is he? What is his story? Why is he standing there? Why is he staring at a concrete pillar?
  7. Full Metal Junkie

    2022/24 Russian-Ukrainian War

    How do you envision the 2025 negotiations proceeding if the cornerstone of Russian demands will be the Ukrainian non-NATO status enshrined in the constitution of Ukraine and a myriad of other international agreements? Russia has made this demand very clear and they never once swayed from their...
  8. Full Metal Junkie

    Toronto Time and Space Condos | 101.8m | 29s | Pemberton | Wallman Architects

    C'mon everyone, let's try to find some positives here... Look! The puddle of water in the middle of the courtyard finally dried up!
  9. Full Metal Junkie

    Post your pictures of Toronto here!

    Not sure if the City can legally consider a drone under 250g a "drone", legally speaking, so not sure if the City has the legal standing to prohibit micro-drone operations in and out of the parks either. Although, I have to interest to fight that legal battle and find that out for myself either...
  10. Full Metal Junkie

    Some GTA Aerials by Tim MacDonald (Covid19 induced Boredom)

    Wanted to give myself a bit of a challenge with my next geolocation, so I picked this shot without any major identifiable landmarks other than what I assumed was Mississauga skyline way off in the distance: Geolocated to the corner of Southdown Rd & Royal Windsor Dr, next to Clarkson Go station:
  11. Full Metal Junkie

    Post your pictures of Toronto here!

    I got a DJI Mini 2 SE for now. I want to see how much I like this whole drone flying thing before I commit to anything more serious.
  12. Full Metal Junkie

    Post your pictures of Toronto here!

    Geolocated: In preparation to flying my first drone, I'm starting to play a bit of a Geoguessr with some of the drone shots on UT, just to figure out where you guys are taking off from. I'm guessing this drone took off somewhere from the Leaside Park. @TwinHuey @Tim MacDonald do you guys...
  13. Full Metal Junkie

    2022/24 Russian-Ukrainian War

    Ukraine is what it is. In 1991 it started out as a country with the largest land army in Europe, at two million strong. Then in 1994 it was sold a bag of goods by the US and UK, promising it absolute sovereignty and security guarantees if it only de-arms and gives up its nukes and all of its...
  14. Full Metal Junkie

    2022/24 Russian-Ukrainian War

    I don't think that would have made an iota of difference, other than literally burning all of the Western equipment in one spot a few months earlier, given that: - This section of the frontlines haven't moved at all since summer 2022 - Russia has long ago dug in and mined the area by 2023 - A...
  15. Full Metal Junkie

    Post your pictures of Toronto here!

    Nicely done. What do you use for post editing? Well, it just so happens I bought my first drone during Black Friday :D Alas, life gets in the way of good fun. I've been too busy to even unbox it. Probably won't be until the new year before UT sees me elevate my photography (literally).