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  1. DirectionNorth

    TTC: Streetcar Network

    Here's part two. Ahead of the Crosstown LRT! Take that, Phil Verster! Ha! We return to our irregularly scheduled programming of cities you've barely heard of and couldn't care less about.
  2. DirectionNorth

    Canada and the World

    I read this article in the Ottawa Citizen about military procurement. Interesting read - what do you think of it, @kEiThZ? Ottawa Citizen: Ottawa’s 1980s system of buying weapons is no match for 21st-century warfare: Canada Undefended
  3. DirectionNorth

    Lack of meaningful Passenger Rail service outside the Quebec-Windsor Corridor

    I'm not a fan of the Metrolinx Garage-Mahal strategy. It's not even about park and rides themselves; the occasional P&R is fine to serve very low density areas with no rationale for connecting transit service. I also prefer a car trip to Oakville GO and onto the LSW, rather than down the...
  4. DirectionNorth

    Finch West Line 6 LRT

    As I argued for longer stop spacing on Eglinton, I will argue for shorter stop spacing on Finch. Finch West LRT is not rapid transit. It’s a high capacity, high(er) reliability replacement for a local bus service that left riders behind with 15+ trips/hour. I don’t disagree that the route...
  5. DirectionNorth

    2022/24 Russian-Ukrainian War

    We have been proving over and over again that we are non-serious about national defence. Never mind welfare and healthcare, if I were American, I’d just be pissed how little other NATO countries were spending on their own defense.
  6. DirectionNorth

    TTC: Streetcar Network

    After nine months of delay, the remake of "Evolution of the Toronto Streetcar | 1861 - 1921" is here. I am hoping to have part two up before the Eglinton LRT opens. No promises.
  7. DirectionNorth

    Montréal Transit Developments

    The northern branch goes to Montreal-Nord, a current transit desert with significant demand. (this is a transit mode share map in 2021) As for the interlining? Probably a relic of the now-dead REM de l'Est proposal. Have you looked at the cost of the Anjou Extension? $6.9 billion for five...
  8. DirectionNorth

    Toronto Crosstown LRT | ?m | ?s

    Not the end of the world. This sort of thing adds up though - a few minutes here for unreliability, a few minutes there for TSP, an extra stop or four, and you've just missed your local bus at Kennedy and need to wait an extra 10 minutes. That happens enough times, then riders get frustrated...
  9. DirectionNorth

    Roads: Ontario/GTA Highways Discussion

    I wonder if it may be, at least in Toronto, for filling in gaps (ie. Collector/Express on the 401 between 409 and 427). That seems more likely than tunnelled lanes across the entirety of Toronto. It seems as though some of this money is for SOGR/rehab work as well. Now that the Gardiner and DVP...
  10. DirectionNorth

    PM Justin Trudeau's Canada

    I distinctly remember election reform being part of Trudeau's 2015 election platform, an election which he won with a majority. I am pretty sure the LPC abandoned that promise with barely any fanfare at all (was it 2017?) This smells like last-minute political pandering (to distract from...
  11. DirectionNorth

    Finch West Line 6 LRT

    Toronto (təˈɹɑnoʊ), verb: to settle and make excuses for the status quo, rather than expend extra effort for a good solution. It’s great to see improved transit, but given the $1.2 billion capital cost and $2.5 billion total cost, I don’t think it’s unreasonable to wonder if we can create...
  12. DirectionNorth

    VIA Rail

    I'm pretty sure we have. Google "Bombardier Thunder Bay" and "UTDC" and you'll see where that went. As @kEiThZ said, it's not only about job creation, but industry creation. Our economy is based off real estate extortion and raw materials, and other places are paying companies to set up EV...
  13. DirectionNorth

    VIA Rail

    If we want to go that way, The Corridor. Toronto/Ottawa/Montreal first, then Quebec City and Corridor West (Hamilton, London, Windsor, Kitchener, whatever). The rest is all fantasy. Perhaps a 50/50 funding split with the provinces on Banff/Calgary/Edmonton, and Halifax/Moncton/St. John. Those...
  14. DirectionNorth

    Toronto Ontario Line 3 | ?m | ?s

    The next batch of projects - Hurontario, OL, EWLRT, SSE, and GO RER - are scheduled to open across the latter half of this decade to the early 2030s. If those don't get screwed up - tough ask, I know - the public will forget Crosstown, especially if they're riding it by then (and it works...
  15. DirectionNorth

    Planned Sprawl in the GTA

    The "self" in "self-determination" obviously refers to the person Doug Ford was thinking of when he decided who would determine the municipalities' futures ...
  16. DirectionNorth

    King Street (Streetcar Transit Priority)

    Slower than what? Grade separated? Sure, but there’s stop spacing to consider for that too. Consolidation is possible - though not necessarily desirable - on the surface. Also, speed is not the end-all-be-all. Many streetcar trips are local trips, and higher speeds, wider stop spacing, and...
  17. DirectionNorth

    Ottawa Transit Developments

    A bit late, but ... OC Transpo Bus Route Review V2 (I think this one is a little out of date). The OC Transpo Bus Route Review has been released. And ... CBC: Transit riders disappointed by OC Transpo fare increase. We're not alone in cutting service. OC Transpo is slated to cut 3.5% of...
  18. DirectionNorth

    TTC Cartography, Signage, and Wayfinding

    Nobody does circular transit debates as well as UT. LOL. Contributing my own little segment of the circle, the goal of all wayfinding should be for a new traveller to know whether to hop on the next train whose doors are closing in 10 seconds, correctly and easily. To that end, station names...
  19. DirectionNorth

    PM Justin Trudeau's Canada

    We are failing everyone - both our own people and newcomers - with our crazy housing market. I'd argue our only obligation is to our existing citizens and residents (in that order) to create a better country, and immigration may or may not be a part of that, refugees aside (the only immigrants...
  20. DirectionNorth

    Lack of meaningful Passenger Rail service outside the Quebec-Windsor Corridor

    Just so you know ... if I get an aspirin/headache relief overdose, I'll definitely blame this thread. We're going round in circles and it's making me dizzy. Can we please stop feeding the fantasy bear?