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  1. myblissfulhome

    realtor and pre construction purchase

    Just a friendly reminder .... there are all types of realtors. Just like there are all types of Lawyers. We aren't all bad *wink* Here are some points I see for those who do not use a realtor. 1) You already have the contract stacked against you. Why go into a negotiation outgunned with a...
  2. myblissfulhome

    Foreign Real Estate southern Europe

    Though you didn't mention Greece I can get you in touch with people in Athens and Santorini that can help you navigate real estate obstacles. There isn't an MLS system. In fact property sales are mostly handled by lawyers instead of realtors. Due to the financial crises Greece real estate has...
  3. myblissfulhome

    Recommended down payment on an investment property

    Some of my clients found it useful to pay the entire amount in cash. It strictly depends on your personal financial situation. Personally I would like try to get myself into a positive cash flow BUT not everyone has the funds up front. Though I wouldn't wait if the right investment came along...
  4. myblissfulhome

    PDI - unit is great but Balcony is in terrible shape - advice needed

    The best answer...go to your lawyer. Your lawyer will know the details of the building and should have enough experience to advise you properly. Though advice here in this forum is well intended it may not be applicable to every case. From my own personal experience I know that addressing...
  5. myblissfulhome

    How to use MLS effectively?

    Please remember that the Toronto MLS system is paid for by Toronto realtors. is a public aggregated service through Canadian Real Estate Association. Everything takes time even for Google. If we made an industry obsolete by offered everything for free and fully open then who will pay for...
  6. myblissfulhome

    How to use MLS effectively?

    Agreed. No contract needed:)
  7. myblissfulhome

    Market Crash, will rents rise?

    Ontario Rental Increase Exemption & General Information That is correct. The guideline does not apply to residential dwellings first occupied on or after November 1, 1991; the rental rate is subject to verifiable current rental prices. This means that the government may stipulate a 1.2%...
  8. myblissfulhome

    How to Circumvent/by-pass bidding wars!

    When list price is considered area solds are looked at first. The sale price of a home which sold recently takes precedence in shaping over all value considerations. This mean if someone felt that a property was worth $500k then all properties that are to be sold in the general vicinity will...
  9. myblissfulhome

    Suggestions for Detached Resale Homes

    General Sold Stats This is a quick break down of sold stats over the past year (or limited to 100 solds) in a couple of the area we have discussed: Trinity Bellwoods: $670k average Kensington / China Town $700k Little Portugal - $580k Palmerston / Little Italy $700k Dufferin Grove...
  10. myblissfulhome

    How to Circumvent/by-pass bidding wars!

    Why should blame be given to anyone for a bidding war? There are a lot of great suggestions in this thread. I especially like the one which stated to avoid looking at staged homes and homes which are obviously under priced. There is nothing unfair about a home selling for higher than list...
  11. myblissfulhome

    Suggestions for Detached Resale Homes

    Define Your Needs and Ability To Better Understand What and Where You Can Live Considering the vast size of Toronto and mixed bag of communities this questions requires more information before we can answer it in full. If you are considering a purchase what is the price point you are able to...