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    Discovery Condos (Concord Park Place) - Real Estate -

    1. As long as parking is short, the visitor parking procedure is annoying, and no tickets are given out, they will continue to park that way. 3. There's not enough space to put the intercom in the middle, and it just doesn't make sense to put the intercom on the right side. They should just...
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    Discovery Condos (Concord Park Place) - Real Estate -

    hi all, I am still looking for a parking spot at discovery. I'm looking for long term parking Please PM me with your price and terms I haven't seen any parking postings on the bulletin boards, so lemme know! Can contact me by phone at 647-300-1818 as well Thanks, Andrew
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    Discovery Condos (Concord Park Place) - Real Estate -

    parking spots for rent? Hi everyone, I've been following this thread for a couple of months now and this is my first post. I have a unit in building E with no parking right now and I intend to move in. Does anyone here have or know someone that is offering a parking spot for rent...