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  1. blixtex

    Is the west side of Toronto more prominent than the east side?

    Bloor is the clear dividing line. I work near Bloor and there is a clear difference in the crowd, density, structures, etc. And you don't see streetcars north of Bloor which is also a defining attribute of being 'Torontoish'. I would agree with the assessment of separation. People from the...
  2. blixtex

    I’m tired of the lack of civility downtown

    I wrote this in another forum but to me, I noticed it too. Now I live in Scarborough and because of kids, I don't venture downtown as much as before. Also work at Yonge n Bloor vs Financial district and living at Yonge and Eg and going out alot. So I'm able to spot the differences given my...
  3. blixtex

    I’m tired of the lack of civility downtown

    I made this observation as well recently. The marginal people are more abundant, loud and threatening than ever. Mental illness, poverty, etc. There's the drug crisis. I take it as a result of all the development in the city, uplifting where they traditionally lived or hung out at, the...
  4. blixtex

    I miss the 1980’s

    The internet (especially smartphones) and never ending online world has distorted our perception of time. I mean what feels like 5 minutes on the internet could be 20 minutes. And it's available 24 7. That has completely distorted our perception of time and summarizes life post 2000. I...
  5. blixtex


    You nailed many of it. Reasons I have observed. -Younger people today grew up on their free time with the internet which is all encompassing mentally and physically. It's also very 'clean' as you don't get dirty, clean up required, etc. -I'm 40 this year and grew up playing arcade games...
  6. blixtex

    Is it time to do-away with gender-segregated washrooms?

    I say let the pee into the urinal too. If they can't do it cleanly, there's products out there to help. Of course it'll be annoying to carry around, but hey, that leads to more space savings with urinals.
  7. blixtex

    2018 Municipal Election: Toronto Council Races

    There might be selective exposure on both sides. I voted for PC (of course I deserved to be tarred and feathered according to many members here.. I did vote for McGuinty's Liberals back in 2003 and affirmed the status quo during that time by not voting since). The few I talked to that voted...
  8. blixtex

    2018 Municipal Election: Toronto Council Races

    Go ahead and call another election. Wont' change many people's vote. People voted for 'change' after 15 years of out of control spending that was wasted to their crony friends. Ontarians don't give a hoot about Toronto anyways and won't change their vote. The only thing this will do is...
  9. blixtex

    Toronto Public Library: Open Hours Plan 2018 Review

    My sister law who's a librarian for Toronto said many are used by parents as de factor baby sitting services as well as many mentally ill people. Also a lot of fights in certain locations. Said she had to get out so now works in administration even with a pay cut.
  10. blixtex

    416 area code envy

    Makes sense. I guess for those that's grown up here and have had that area code all their life, it's not as noticeable. Kind of like that person who has grown up and a a house in a desireable area, but doesn't fully appreciate how 'envious' others on the outside are.
  11. blixtex

    416 area code envy

    Why is 416 so desired?
  12. blixtex

    Toronto Restaurants of the 80s and 90s

    It's been several business over the years, but currently a health fitness type business. I still drive by it often on my way home. Hmm, never heard or remember Sizzler. Maybe it was an outside of Toronto thing? Wasn't Chi Chi's, a Celebration of Food popular too? I remember all the...
  13. blixtex

    Toronto Restaurants of the 80s and 90s

    This! As a kid going to a 'real' buffet for the first time was amazing! They were largely gone here by the early 90s. There was one at Eglinton Ave. East and Bellamy Rd in Scarborough across the Eglinton GO Train station next to the Swiss Chalet which the building is still there (was a funeral...
  14. blixtex

    Red Light Camera Offence Notice in the mail

    So it did get dropped? First I've heard of that for a red light photo ticket. Curious, I live around the area and don't see a camera off the exit. The closest one I see is on Morningside northbound intersecting Milner (the street leading to the Home Depot).
  15. blixtex

    I miss the 1990's

    I started High School in 1993 so pretty much my real formulative years were in the 90s. The last generation before internet and mass communication devices. High School where crushes, trying to meet girls, hanging out/being cool is at it's highest, there was no internet. Sure in 97 or so, there...
  16. blixtex

    What one thing does Toronto do better than anywhere else?

    Talking or 'complain' about the weather. After talking to people who immigrated here recently, they are astonished at the swings and unpredictability of the weather. I was talking about how much warmer it was a year ago I.e. (ballparking here) On April 20th, it was 3 degrees, while a year...
  17. blixtex

    North of Bloor/Downtown Box: Toronto-born vs. non-Toronto/GTA-born

    I know what you mean. Lived on Bathurst and Bloor in the 80s. Moved to the lower part of Scarborough at 8 in the later 80s. Met my wife (gf at the time of course) at U of T Scarbs who lived close by. Her parents 'forced' her to buy a home in family's area in the mid-2000s as her dad had this...
  18. blixtex

    Greenbelt developments

    Looks like he pulled back this morning after the backlash.
  19. blixtex

    North of Bloor/Downtown Box: Toronto-born vs. non-Toronto/GTA-born

    I get what you mean and it sticks out like a sore thumb for me. I'm an immigrant but came really young. Parents lived downtown at Bathurst and Bloor but then moved out to Scarborough for cheaper rent/larger space in the late 80s. So if you see, alot of the people comfortable with extending...
  20. blixtex

    Baby, we got a bubble!?

    This helps when you are from that country and can source those tenants. My Vietnamese in-laws (wife's cousin) bought 2 detached 5+ years ago in the St. Clair West area, and rents out to other Vietnamese people as there's demand to be in that location. Great in that there's many in that group...