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    Discovery Condos (Concord Park Place) - Real Estate -

    Rogers - 1866-902-9534 They install 7 days a week, got them to come by last Sunday.
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    Discovery Condos (Concord Park Place) - Real Estate -

    When I did my PDI (for 19 singer court), they said late spring... I did write 8 post dated cheques for the "rent" that we pay during the interim closing though.
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    Artics Coming Back to TTC?

    They're probably selling them to third world countries, similar to how Toronto is selling their old subways to some country in Africa.
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    Toronto Billy Bishop Toronto City Airport | ?m | ?s | Ports Toronto | Arup

    They discontinued the Q200? I just saw a new one landing at Downsview yesterday with the whole Q200 Quiet Flight livery... wish I took a picture of it.
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    Rail: Ontario-Quebec High Speed Rail Study

    I'm pretty sure Porter would get bankrupted. They're main flights are between Toronto and Montreal (20/day)/Ottawa (19/day). If you could take HSR to Ottawa/Montreal in the same time as a plane, but go from downtown to downtwon, then I don't see how Porter would be able to continue operating.
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    Keep TTC Public

    What about partial privatization? Where the lines are operations and lines are tendered to the lowest bidder.
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    TTC: Automatic Train Control and Subway Platform Screen Doors

    MTR had it easy for charging the extra $0.10 HKD per ride (about $0.013-$0.015 per ride). They had the Octopus card in place, and we're not getting that until 18 years after they get it (full rollout) or 4-5 years from now.
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    Eglinton-Crosstown Corridor Debate

    Also the Canada Line was the first line to be built purely by a private company!
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    Metrolinx: Presto Fare Card

    I love how Ottawa gets it before the TTC (aside from the subway stations) and they're not even in the GTA!
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    Plans to fill in Allen Road

    I remember reading something like this years ago when they had a plan to deck the expressway with a park on top to reconnect the neighbourhoods. Alas, they're never going to finish this...
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    Transit City Plan

    2015 Pan Am Games... I don't understand what the big deal about it is, Winnipeg's held it a few times already.
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    Transit City: Sheppard East Debate

    As long as you don't build massive subway stations, the costs shouldn't be as high as 1 billion, and cut and cover should work for that stretch.
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    Disappearing Subway Maps

    Yeah, it's at Union Station. It's not too great of shop though. TTC could have got a way better merchandising agreement with someone else.
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    Lake Ontario Bridge

    If we're making all those different routes, I propose either a "Bridge City" or "Tunnel City" and make all the routes intersect each other on the bridges and we can have multiple intersecting highways... I wonder how a highway interchange would look if it was all underwater as a tunnel.
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    Lake Ontario Bridge

    How about instead of a bridge we build a tunnel across the lake? That might be cheaper than a bridge
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    Intercity Bus Services

    Isn't one of Greyhound's agreement with the province to run the rural routes in order to get monopoly on the popular routes (like toronto-ottawa). If they do that can we finally get (bus) competition on these routes?
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    Lake Ontario Bridge

    What if they had a ferry to take the trucks from Toronto < -> Niagara. That'd reduce the amount of trucks on the QEW for sure. Fuel savings probably be well worth it. Although a bridge is a bit too extreme... If they're going to do that, why don't they build a bridge to the US from Toronto...
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    Rail: Ontario-Quebec High Speed Rail Study

    The Ottawa Citizen has been doing a series on high speed rail in Canada.
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    Toronto Transportation Idiosyncracies

    Ottawa isn't looking for double deck buses because of the snow. It's because theres too much bus congestion on the Transitway during rush hour. If you ever come up to Ottawa, stand at Hurdman and see how many buses line up, and wait to go into the station.