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    TTC: Flexity Streetcars Testing & Delivery (Bombardier)

    Have you ever seen a bus do this gracefully in downtown traffic on a street like Queen West? Let alone if we're talking a 60-foot artic as commonly proposed. Watching even a regular bus trying to turn onto McCaul is painful. I doubt an artic would even be able to make the corner in rush hour...
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    Rob Ford's Toronto

    What route is your friend taking? St Clair and Christie is about 10 minutes walk from the subway, Dufferin mall is about 5 minutes from the subway, and St Clair West and Dufferin Stations are no more than 15-20 mins apart. Should be fairly consistently about half an hour. This is clearly Ford...
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    Fords Working to Fire Webster, Stintz, Scrap Streetcars: Star

    That's all dandy. But it also discounts the damage that could be caused by an increasingly desperate Ford as his nation crumbles around him. The libraries are just a warning shot. Despots do some very strange things when they sense that their grip on power is slipping.
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    The Silly Argument Over BRT and Rail

    Too short to be much use regionally, too expensive to make long enough to be useful regionally, and there is no question that local trips are not well served by a line with cavernous stations 2km apart. A specialized regional bus line and a specialized local LRT would do everything the...
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    The Silly Argument Over BRT and Rail

    Once again, a crosstown link that bypasses the Sheppard subway and shows it was and is a complete waste of time and money. Busway on the hydro corridor for long trips + lrts on the arterials for local ones. There is a role for both technologies. We need to step outside the subway bubble and...
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    Rob Ford's Toronto

    Bag fee isn't going anywhere. The chains will continue charging for bags - there are chains that started charging in places as far away as BC at the time the Toronto bylaw went in. The smaller retailers seem to generally not charge for bags anyways, particularly if you're a regular. It's an...
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    TTC: Sheppard Subway Expansion (Speculative)

    And they're full, with basically no ability to expand - platforms too short, and the south end of the line goes down to a single track almost a km from the end of the line and has little ability to run trains closer together.. Considering the disastrous construction along Cambie and the rising...
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    Toronto Eglinton Line 5 Crosstown LRT

    This sort of discussion is very quickly becoming a matter of making one line everything to everyone. Is an express train across Eglinton - which is predominantly a local line - really the best way to serve crosstown demand? In a way it reflects the discussion of Sheppard/Finch in that the...
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    Toronto Bike Share

    Saw a couple of them go by on College this evening. Also saw them unloading bikes at the racks at Bay and Bloor, about 8pm. The trailer still had about 30 bikes on it, so they might be distributing them around the city a few at a time.
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    Baby, we got a bubble!?

    It is a good question. At this point not only is just about anyone under 30 priced out from buying, they are starting to be priced out from renting too. I'm almost 30 and close to half my friends from undergrad have given up on Toronto because you just can't get ahead here, you either end up...
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    Baby, we got a bubble!?

    The reality is that no matter if you're a RE bull, or bear, life goes on. He does pretty well, I think, and if you do the math and can bear and accept the risks, then you may as well enjoy the ride. The concern is not some millionaire blogger who can comfortably absorb losing a few hundred...
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    Baby, we got a bubble!?

    Aha, you've stumbled across the fundamental crux of real estate on the West Coast. What's really worrying about Vancouver is actually even more plain when you look at things like corporate presence in Vancouver - which is very low for a city of its size - there are simply not a lot of...
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    Baby, we got a bubble!?

    lowball listing price meant to induce a bidding war... the 2.3 mil is not out of place for the area.
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    Transit City Plan

    According to Steve Munro: ( ) Basically, sounds like a small added commitment in addition to the savings from leaving Eg East at the surface would have paid for the Sheppard line. Sheppard line is stupid, but it looks like Ford is a drooling moron.
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    Baby, we got a bubble!?

    The spike can be partially attributed to the skewed market as well. Quite simply, the mid-range simply stops, and more or less drops out of the market statistics. You are left with a sort of sandwich. You have the low end market, driven by "value" investors buying in up and coming areas...
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    Rob Ford's Toronto

    How on Earth did "Leftard" make it into journalist's lexicon?
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    The ‘Manhattanization’ of downtown Toronto

    I figure those houses have a while yet. The next wave will be heavy redevelopment along the currently low-rise arterials. That U of T residence at College and Spadina is the warning shot. Between those and ongoing brownfield redevelopments we have at least one or two more real estate cycles of...
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    Baby, we got a bubble!?

    The concern I have is that a large proportion of China's growth in the last couple years has been the inflation of several bubbles, the most obvious of which is their real estate bubble. If it corrects, it will hurt the Chinese economy pretty badly. The result is that those wealthy investors...
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    Greater Toronto's Sprawl

    TTC budgeted about 85 million dollars for fuel last year. 1.30 is about 30% higher, an additional 25 million dollars. The bus fleet averages 1.4km/L fuel costs are now 90 cents a km instead of 65 - or, with 30 passengers, 3 cents per pax/km over 2 last year. In reality fuel costs are a...
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    Baby, we got a bubble!?

    So... if it IS foreign investment from China that's driving our market in the big cities, especially Vancouver, as is often claimed: So, there goes the foreign money. What now for Canada?