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    Toronto MaRS Centre Phase 2 | 112.77m | 20s | Alexandria | B+H

    Except the part where he/she states bailing out MaRS runs contrary to the government's strategy of selling off assets...The comparator of the LCBO is a joke. If the author can't see the difference between new, biotech space next to U of T, Queen's Park and hospital row and rapidly aging assets...
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    Ont Gov't building at 880 Bay, at Grosvenor St (ORC, 44s?, WZMH)

    What do you mean by the "overall plan?" It's possible I'm misunderstanding what you said, but there will never be large scale centralization of regional offices in Toronto. Regional offices exist, to a significant extent, for political reasons. In fact, in some areas of the north the regional...
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    Automated driving & Transit

    Time will tell if the automated car vision is Jetson like or not. I suppose I have more faith in the fully automated car vision if only because people frequently underestimate where technology will take us. Look back at some of the views of computer execs from the 50s, 60s and 70s about the role...
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    Toronto Eglinton Line 5 Crosstown LRT

    They're not hiring anyone, anywhere (almost literally). Public sector decision-makers are waiting for collapse. Wait another 3-5 years...see what happens.
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    Toronto TCHC Block 32 Development | ?m | 41s | TCHC | KPMB

    Can of worms... He may very well be right. I'm too lazy to look. Self-identification is a funny thing though. Seventy-five percent of Ontarians may be Christian, but they're "Christian" in the way that 2nd or even 1st generation Italians [or insert ethnicity] are Italian. What percentage of...
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    Toronto Forma | 308m | 84s | Great Gulf | Gehry Partners

    It's old. Things that are old are inherently valuable. For example, 8 tracs are valuable. ;) That being said, one of the things that make the "Entertainment District" interesting is the combination of different scales, eras of architecture and uses. There's a kind of "biodiversity." It's...
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    Rob Ford's Toronto

    Both... it's not an either/or proposition ... that's called a false dilemma ... nice try though Just for future reference though, what kind of criminal behaviour wouldn't be okay? Would admitted child molestation be okay? What kind of criminal behaviours are okay and what kinds aren't as it...
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    Rob Ford's Toronto

    "Unelected" is definitely overstating the case. Wynne is clearly elected on the basis of being elected in a party based electoral system. However, there is legitimate criticism to be made, regardless of PC precedent in Ontario, about switching leaders almost immediately after the election. It...
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    Rob Ford's Toronto

    How do you know it's the same families? Commisso and Rocco (Racco?) are probably common Italian names. Besides which, both families are just hard working bakers. I'm sure the bombings and shootings were just unfortunate coincidences like Ford-o hanging out in crack alley.
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    Toronto Panda Condominiums | 107.59m | 30s | Lifetime | Turner Fleischer

    As someone who will have physical books taken out of my cold, dead hands, it's sad to see the best bookstore in the city go. I don't understand why it doesn't seem as busy as other locations downtown. The book selection is second to none that I've seen. Granted, there's no Starbucks and it's a...
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    Toronto Forma | 308m | 84s | Great Gulf | Gehry Partners

    I'm not that familiar with the politics/processes of City Hall planning and the OMB but the cynical me thinks maybe they're dragging their heels in the hopes the decision gets taken out of their hands, and thereby avoid the controversy of making a decision on the project. They, and some of the...
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    Sheraton Centre (123 Queen West, new windows & exterior repairs)

    I'm not sure what the aversion to green glass is. Might some variety be nice? Sure. But I can imagine someone circa the turn of the 20th century going OMG more red brick? Can builders use anything other than red brick? Green glass is the building material of the the late 20th/early 21st century...
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    Rob Ford's Toronto

    That makes me embarrassed to be a 30 something year old, white male. Regrettably, a disproportionate share of Ford supporters are at least superficially like me. I suppose I can take solace in the fact that most of them (Ford supporters) are at least 10-15 years older than me and uneducated or...
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    Rob Ford's Toronto

    +5000 Everything that is known about Ford now was, essentially, known about him then. He doesn't respect the rights of others (drunk driving, incoherent harassment of the couple at the ACC, rage filled rants in Council chambers). Anyone who doesn't respect the rights of others is a dangerous...
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    Rob Ford's Toronto

    My non-lawyer understanding is no. There would need to be something similar to possession. He would need to have been caught in the act or with the substance for someone to be able to prove definitively that he was drunk driving. This is why I'm pi$$ed at the police. He was probably driving...
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    Rob Ford's Toronto

    Ahhh, it helps expedite bills through readings by avoiding debates and committee, where I presume, there is consensus to do so--at least in a party system. ;)
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    Rob Ford's Toronto

    That paints quite the picture. "Oily cadaver" lol
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    Rob Ford's Toronto

    Interesting, do you have anything you can point me to (legislation for example) with respect to this specific parliamentary procedure (arcane as it is)?
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    Rob Ford's Toronto

    She didn't say consensus with respect to the city. I suppose that would be rather hard to achieve with Mammolitti and brother Ford on council. She's clearly looking for consensus at the provincial level though.
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    Rob Ford's Toronto

    More than consult, she wants consensus. I don't know if that means there would need to be a unanimous vote in the legislature or not though. It would probably make sense. Then Hudak couldn't say at some future point, well, I didn't support the province intervening in municipal affairs. She's...