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    Toronto Ontario Line: Queen-Spadina Station | ?m | 1s | Metrolinx | HDR

    I'm really glad to see the facade (if not the whole building) of the former CIBC building is being retained here. It has a lot of character and makes for a strong street edge. I see potential for it to become a station entrance much like Alvaro Siza's Baixa-Chiado station in Lisbon where the...
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    Toronto CityLights on Broadway | 115.82m | 34s | Pemberton | Wallman Architects

    Looks like they may have shaved the number of hoistways servicing the building a little too close to the skin...
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    Vaughan LiUNA Local 183 Headquarters | ?m | 6s | LIUNA | Diamond Schmitt

    No, still about 6-12 months away. From about 3 weeks ago:
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    Toronto CN Tower: Entry Pavilion, Plaza, Renos | ?m | ?s | CLC | IBI Group

    What an abomination. The utter disdain and lack of dignity the current ownership is giving the CN Tower these past few years is a travesty.
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    Toronto 180 John Street | 30.48m | 7s | Allied | Gensler

    They were taking the scaffolding down yesterday... the top was visible and looking pretty good. Glad it will be unfettered in time for the Grange park opening.
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    Toronto Dr. George Robert Grasett Park | ?m | ?s | City of Toronto

    Is Partisans the designer? It sure looks like they might be...
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    Toronto Rees Park Playground and Pavillion | ?m | ?s | Waterfront Toronto

    Actually a combined sewer/stormwater drain overflow containment tank... although it's planned only as 'future' construction. The best thing about this site being retained as park is that it will help protect the long views from Toronto Harbour & Islands to the Skydome and the lower part of...
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    Toronto Finch West LRT and TYSSE: Finch West Station | ?m | ?s | Mosiac TG | Arup

    Bonus points for the effective use of a typo to demonstrate consistency within your message.
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    524 Dupont Street (?, 3s, John Shuki Lau Architect)

    Ewwww. Please return this design to Burlington/Ajax/etc. where it belongs. How tone-deaf. Who decided the proper context for this project is the suburban-styled EIFS-clad big box Beer Store next door that's already slated for demolition/intensification/urbanization? Instead of acknowledging...
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    Toronto Berczy Park Revitalization | ?m | ?s

    Absolutely there are beautiful manhole covers all over the world - including here in Toronto. The point here, though, isn't that this park design needs beautiful manholes. What it needs is for the mundane necessities - like manholes - to get visually out of the way in favour of allowing the...
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    Toronto Berczy Park Revitalization | ?m | ?s

    I'm in full agreement with the majority on the refreshing creativity and excellence of this park's design, but it's frustrating to me that they dropped the ball with respect to maintaining continuity of the fun paving pattern when it comes to the manholes and hand well covers. These photos...
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    The best buildings in Toronto since 1989?

    These suggestions may not be far enough outside the core for you, but: Summerhill LCBO - redevelopment of a previously suburban train station 'The Hangar' at Downsview - a bit under the radar, but it's maybe the only example of a successful conversion of the former military airport Imperial Oil...
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    The best buildings in Toronto since 1989?

    I can't believe this hasn't specifically been mentioned yet, but the Distillery redevelopment is an obvious and hugely successful undertaking that almost singlehandedly pointed the way forward for the Pan-Am Games developments, the East Bayfront development and even the ongoing development of...
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    The best buildings in Toronto since 1989?

    Outside Core: Terrance Donnelly Health Sciences Complex at U of T Mississauga - Kongats (masterful exterior) Absolute Towers (instant classic) Downtown Core: Ryerson Image Arts/Image Centre - Diamond Schmitt (innovative adaptive re-use) 401 Richmond St W - Zeidler (innovative adaptive re-use...
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    Toronto 7 St Thomas | 38.71m | 9s | St. Thomas | Hariri Pontarini

    This project is just gorgeous, a beautifully clean and simple design that looks to be getting executed as well as it deserves. I hope the ground level ends up as well-designed and -executed as the rest. If it does, I bet this project ups the ante for every remotely similar project to come...