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    Toronto 9 Benlamond | 15.47m | 4s | 12850938 Ontario Inc | Studio JCI

    As soon as I see a sign, I know!
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    The Beach(es)

    And those sensibilities are pretty visible. Front yard parking pads seem like they're mandatory on some blocks and the streets south of Queen, from Wineva to Glen Manor, are the most deforested, barren streets in the east end. And they're the streets that end directly at the beach! It's one of...
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    Movie Theatres in Toronto - Old and New

    The facade of the A&A Auto Clinic at 1202 Woodbine is one of my favourite spots in the whole city. I love the aesthetics of auto shops. In a city that's obsessed with a cheap minimalism it's a relief to get this splash of colour and clutter. I usually only see it when driving by, but I had a...