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  1. Prometheus The Supremo

    Why the Liberals lost and where should they go from here.

    the liberals need a spotless leader. but unfortunately, being spotless usually brings with it inexperience which its self will be attacked. if the liberals can't have the perfect leader, they need a leader who can not only defend its self but one who fights back hard & is not boring. also...
  2. Prometheus The Supremo

    Why to support the Liberal Party

    but that was obama. iggy is no obama. most people i've talked to were scared of iggy because of the picture the attack ads painted of him. these people were liberal people. they also thought he was boring. maybe iggy is more comparable with kerry. the attack ads on iggy worked. the racism...
  3. Prometheus The Supremo

    Why to support the Liberal Party

    why would leftist liberals defect to the ndp if the liberals shifted to the left? wouldn't leftist liberals stay with their party if it shifted to the left? -edit- do you mean because the liberals lost the centre vote because of their left shift, this hurt their chances so leftist liberals...
  4. Prometheus The Supremo

    Latest Federal polls

    tell that to anyone running for office.
  5. Prometheus The Supremo

    Ignatieff is useless

    pman, maybe he was being a poser? i don't know. but do you honestly think it was a deliberate affront against our troops? or that he supported the nazis?
  6. Prometheus The Supremo

    Latest Federal polls

    i guess the middle ground is made from quicksand. ;)
  7. Prometheus The Supremo

    Ignatieff is useless

    do you believe that everyone who drives a VW is a nazi? also, somebody correct me if i'm wrong, but i think back in the day, it was a trend to take things from the enemy and use, wear or display them. some kind of hip "i got your shit dude" statement or something.
  8. Prometheus The Supremo

    Latest Federal polls pretty impressive.
  9. Prometheus The Supremo

    Ignatieff is useless

    you're condemning layton for rae's actions? also, you're condemning a current fedral party for the actions of a past provincial government? by the polling numbers, the ndp is first in quebec. they are desolving seperatism and increasing the unity of the nation and they're not even in power...
  10. Prometheus The Supremo


    that is some dystopian looking cityscape right there.
  11. Prometheus The Supremo

    Please please please do NOT vote Conservative

    i won't vote conservative. i'll vote liberally and mark all the candidates on the ballot. ;)
  12. Prometheus The Supremo

    Chicken Channel

    why no window channel?
  13. Prometheus The Supremo

    Captain John's Restaurant (1975-2012)

    if they legalize prostitution, it should be converted to a floating brothel. it's already got "john" in the name. spend more than $5000 and get a free captain's hat!
  14. Prometheus The Supremo

    Russia in 1910.. in Colour ! i never get tired of looking at his photographs.
  15. Prometheus The Supremo

    MoveOntario 2020: GO Transit Electrification

    i'm sure it has nothing to do with the fact that there will be all kinds of construction on the georgetown corridor starting very soon.
  16. Prometheus The Supremo

    Rob Ford's Toronto

    what happens to all the equipment that served the area being privatized?
  17. Prometheus The Supremo

    Illuminated Toronto street signs

    i can't remember right now the name of that style but i know the present style is cobra head.
  18. Prometheus The Supremo

    Net Neutrality / Internet Throttling Debate

    throttling was never eliminated and there are no plans to eliminate it. it would have been UBB + throttling if the UBB decision wasn't postponed. also, it wasn't the re-sellers doing the throttling, it's bell & rogers. indie ISPs who use bell's & rogers' pipes have their traffic go through the...
  19. Prometheus The Supremo

    Illuminated Toronto street signs

    it's the little things like these signs that add character to the city.
  20. Prometheus The Supremo

    The Ontario Township Survey System

    what is the city of toronto today, was once a collection of independent cities, towns & villages which had their own street grids. as time went on, the rural spaces between these communities filled in and they did what they could to make the streets align. a segment of a road in one community...