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    Cycling infrastructure (Separated bike lanes)

    Now that we have a new bike-hesitant ward 20 counsellor, I wonder - could he be convinced to pave the north half of the eroded Gus Harris trail? It could be framed as a "parallel" concession to opposing Kingston-Danforth, although ideally we would get both...
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    Mayor Olivia Chow's Toronto

    ~500 person Liaison phone poll has Kandavel 26, Roy 23 and Rupasinghe 19, ± 4 in the ward 20 byelection As far as I can tell, Kandavel and Roy are anti bike lanes in convenient locations (ie Danforth-Kingston), Rupasinghe is for Chow won by 5% so there's still hope, esp if she intervenes too
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    VIA Rail

    Still no bike baggage allowed on the new Siemens trains. An eta in an earlier convo was given to me as 2025. I imagine the issue is partly IT and partly managing expectations, but would have been nice if gradually reintroduced
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    Transit Fantasy Maps

    Metrolinx has a subway + GO train map for Greater Toronto and Hamilton at Pearson terminal 3 from 2019 showing connections and peak service patterns. Would be so nice if this was kept up
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    Toronto Bike Share

    1 month left to submit station requests for this year's engagement survey. Thorncliffe/Flemingdon and Scarborough SW could use some more input... I just added some Science Centre stops
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    Toronto 95 Pidgeon | 13.49m | 3s | Rexton Development Ltd | TAES

    Under construction on the east side of Pidgeon, not on the west yet
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    Toronto Bike Share

    New 2023 deployment map from twitter. Some planned stations are already implemented, and map is also missing some recent implements, but more UTD than last publication
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    GTHA Transit Fare Integration

    I wonder how fare integration will work with GO's $10 and $15 weekend pass... I hope they start automatically capping weekend fares so you don't have to check if your trip is worth it
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    Mayor Olivia Chow's Toronto

    I think Kevin is best too, but comes off a bit inexperienced and sometimes negative on twitter. I hope he emulates the positivity and grace of Chow this election... may increase his odds
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    Missing curb cuts (database + strategies)

    I'm making this thread to share a map + database of missing curb cuts in Toronto and effective strategies to correct them. So far I've tried 311 and paver stones, but neither have been very effective, and would like input on other ideas like quick setting cement before going ahead. The...
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    Toronto Bike Share

    Email reply from Bike Share's customer service manager: "Sorry, I do not have an updated deployment list plan for you aside from the one you sent to us by email." I guess they are just picking spots from the old plan as they go
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    Toronto Lawrence Hill | 15m | 4s | MTB Group | Arcadis

    2 cranes now @interchange42
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    The Coming Disruption of Transport

    Was just reading this critique of urban rail in Britain and decided to calculate the position of Canada. Turns out we are at 44% (7/16)... not so bad in comparison
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    Cycling infrastructure (Separated bike lanes)

    It would be nice if the RT replacement bus lanes on Kennedy and Midland were shared use with bikes, but I'm assuming not due to the high bus frequency. No mention of bikes in the May 8 community update, just "legacy use potential" once the busway is open. I've emailed Arjun Sahota to confirm
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    East Don Trail Project

    10 ish workers were at the first crossing and a bit further down the path today, along with a TRCA vehicle. The landscaping from Bermondsey to here looked about the same