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    Transit City Plan

    Same could be done with subways. IIRC, the Yonge line used to run 4/6/8 (G1s were 57'/car compared to the now standard 75' cars) car trains depending on the demand and time of day.
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    SRT to be shut down for refurbishment (2015)

    You could thank the premier at the time that bribed the TTC funding if they converted the SLRT to ICTS right when they started construction. :D
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    TTC zombies

    And where will you find the money to pull off such a scale of a conversion requiring all buses, streetcars, and subways stations to get such? Maybe you can share the money with the TTC since you got an oil well in your back yard
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    Toronto Eglinton Line 5 Crosstown LRT

    All I can say seeing the portion of the video where they restrict Eglinton and Trethewey/Keele to 1 lane in each direction during the station box portion of the construction, and seeing Keele and Finch many times during its phases of construction with the station box is that its going to be...
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    New LRT Q&A Thread

    You would imagine how Rob Ford would be seeing modified TRs or even modified T1s on the 501
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    OneCity Plan

    I know this is quite early to talk about, but If the Etobicoke and Scarborough express rail lines see the light of day and is operated by the TTC, chances are, they might probably follow the same fare standards as the downtown express routes and the routes leaving Toronto (extra fare).
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    Toronto Eglinton Line 5 Crosstown LRT

    It would make no sense for the 35, 35E, and 19 to not divert, since they might as well both terminate at Black Creek station, as if your plan was to be like such, where would the 35 terminate, and it would just cause more transfers for those heading north of Eglinton.
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    Public transportation is habit-forming — and that’s a problem!

    Well, the referendum fell through between the feds and the province, but Toronto did help fund the Yonge subway at the cost of not being able to build the Queen subway according to this article from Transit Toronto:
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    Public transportation is habit-forming — and that’s a problem!

    The TTC was profitable enough to expand streetcar lines and even build the Yonge line (Union-Eglinton) without any government help that I know of, and its last recorded profit was around 1970 before the TTC had to remove zone fares
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    Metrolinx: Sheppard East LRT (In Design)

    pfft, as if capacity reduced west of Don Mills will ever make a difference on the Sheppard stubway.
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    Transit City Plan

    Replace Jane with Sheppard on forced transfers and lets see what happens
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    Fords Working to Fire Webster, Stintz, Scrap Streetcars: Star

    Toronto never said they wanted subways, Scarborough did according to Ford's mandates
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    Toronto Eglinton Line 5 Crosstown LRT

    the drivers can time it so that they can get their LRVs through greens
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    Transit City Plan

    Lets see what the pro-subway people will say once they actually visit the Keele and Finch intersection during rush hour
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    Toronto Eglinton Line 5 Crosstown LRT

    Then Marlee gets clogged with traffic...
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    Toronto Eglinton Line 5 Crosstown LRT

    Seeing as how the south-eastern part of Keele/Trethewey/Eglinton intersection has been fenced for a while, is it possibly the location for the Keele North/Trethewey station entrance?
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    If Toronto Ever Gets the Olympics, What Woult It Mean for the Transport System?

    I know its not the same thing, but isn't Toronto to host the 2015 PanAm games?
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    Transit City Plan

    They all have grade separation, just parital which is good enough for somewhat frequent rush hour cars to a point, since it bypasses vehicle congestion that isn't streetcar related.
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    Transit City Plan

    yes, we should hit the shovels to the ground hoping that theres no gas lines or unstable soil