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  1. Dr. Snoot


    I could be wrong, but I think those are two different sites? My understanding is that the Volvo dealership intended to move from Front E. to the demolished building site, where this seems to be for the Audi dealership next door. Unclear.
  2. Dr. Snoot

    Land Acknowledgements and Reconciling Our Settler History

    It's all ridiculously mucky. The GTA area was very sparsely populated by the Huron-Wendat (about 20,000-25,000 people) until the mid-1600s. They primarily lived between Lake Simcoe and Georgian Bay (hence the name Huron). Toronto itself was used as hinterland hunting grounds or for...
  3. Dr. Snoot

    Toronto KING Toronto | 57.6m | 16s | Westbank | Bjarke Ingels Group

    Awesome kitchen, but I'm surprised they are putting in gas stoves. They are bad for the environment and terrible for indoor air quality. I'd expect induction in a luxury new build in 2023.
  4. Dr. Snoot

    Toronto 83 Bloor West | 269.05m | 80s | Parallax | Arcadis

    I haven't gone through the history, but this is what is reported in NRU. Perhaps the City agreed to settle but other parties did not?
  5. Dr. Snoot

    Toronto 83 Bloor West | 269.05m | 80s | Parallax | Arcadis

    Settlement approved at OLT for 72 storeys. Case No. OLT-22-004116
  6. Dr. Snoot

    Toronto The One | 328.4m | 91s | Mizrahi Developments | Foster + Partners

    I wouldn't assume there's any legal case. It all depends on the language of the contract between Apple and Mizrahi, which none of us have seen, but it already seems to have allowed Apple to break the lease. Whether they still occupy as a practical matter is a different question.
  7. Dr. Snoot

    Toronto West Don Lands: Blocks 17 & 26 | 141m | 43s | Aspen Ridge | Core Architects

    As planned, the whole site will be badly overbuilt, but Aspen Ridge has claimed they are required to build to the heights in the MZO. I think part of the reason nobody is satisfied with the plans is that they're trying to put too much on a small site with heritage components. There are only so...
  8. Dr. Snoot

    Waterfront Transit Reset Phase 1 Study

    I do love a civilization collapse, but to be fair, this is what Steve Munro says: Union Station Loop, $932 million. Remainder of project except Cherry North, $1.3 billion. Includes East and West portals on Queens Quay, Queens Quay Station, Yonge Slip infill, Queens Quay East track from Bay to...
  9. Dr. Snoot

    Toronto Eastern Avenue Transit-Oriented Community | ?m | ?s | Infrastructure ON

    It's true no city will ever be affordable to every single person, but that's a red herring. Compare Toronto real estate prices to many other major cities and it is obvious policies make a difference. This problem is not a giant mystery that can never be solved.
  10. Dr. Snoot

    Toronto The One | 328.4m | 91s | Mizrahi Developments | Foster + Partners

    There is no chance this won't get built. Too much money has been spent, a significant portion of the building is sold, and all the creditors have an interest in being paid back. This is why the receiver is coordinating lending and continuing construction. Even if construction stopped, the...
  11. Dr. Snoot

    Toronto The Goode Condos | 111.4m | 33s | Graywood | a—A

    Are they getting rid of the parking lot? That is great news, as it causes so many pedestrian / automobile conflicts along Parliament Street. I'm surprised there aren't more accidents.
  12. Dr. Snoot

    Toronto Pan Am Village in the West Don Lands | ?m | ?s | DundeeKilmer | KPMB

    These trees have been dead for 3+ years, from natural causes. The City is replacing them, along with a few other trees along Front Street East that have been topped and left derelict. This is a victory in my ongoing campaign of terror against Parks, Forestry, and Recreation. I have been...
  13. Dr. Snoot

    Toronto's Budget (aka please save us upper levels of government)

    This reflects a common misunderstanding of property taxes. Yes, the City sets a property tax rate, but only for the purposes of raising a specific amount of revenue. The actual amount of property taxes paid depends on the assessed value of the property. For example, a $500,000 property at a 1%...
  14. Dr. Snoot

    Richmond Hill Yonge North Subway Extension | ?m | ?s | Metrolinx

    I don't support that idea that municipal taxation should be based on residents' disposable income, rather than the fair cost of delivering services. But, while we're on the idea of disposable income, I might also point out that housing costs in Toronto are significantly higher than any other...
  15. Dr. Snoot

    Richmond Hill Yonge North Subway Extension | ?m | ?s | Metrolinx

    For everyone's benefit, property tax rates are irrelevant. The amount of tax paid, which is the more relevant measure, depends on property valuation. Admittedly, Toronto's residential households pay less property tax than most Ontario municipalities. However, I think it's important to question...
  16. Dr. Snoot

    Toronto New Park at 229 Richmond West | ?m | ?s | City of Toronto | Gow Hastings

    The only one that remotely interests me is the OneSky proposal. All the others are either tacky or a total snoozefest.
  17. Dr. Snoot

    Toronto 55C: 55 Charles Condos | 167m | 50s | MOD Developments | a—A

    Are you in the minority? I think the consensus has been pretty favourable to this building. MOD does great work in my opinion.
  18. Dr. Snoot

    Toronto The RIV | 113m | 34s | Broccolini | Arcadis

    This is very LOL, because River and Dundas is actually a nicer area than River and Queen, IMHO. Also improving much more rapidly.
  19. Dr. Snoot

    Toronto Waterworks Building Redevelopment | 47.55m | 13s | MOD Developments | Diamond Schmitt

    After they get a third opinion, they should just do what the experts advise. The City doesn't go around cutting down trees for fun; it's a safety concern. It's fine to question the decision, but this is not a political issue of "saving the tree". If anything, the City is more often criticized...
  20. Dr. Snoot

    Toronto Eight Cumberland | 170m | 51s | Great Gulf | a—A

    When you build something that will exist for 100+ years and be seen by millions of people, I don't think it's too much to ask that it be better than banal or even quite admirable. It should be creative, high quality, and interesting. The fact that run-of-the mill brick buildings built a century...