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    Toronto TYSSE: York University Station | ?m | ?s | TTC | Foster + Partners

    Thanks! I'm not a construction expert by any means but given what this photo shows I can see why they're worried about the Dec 2016 opening date... still a lot of work left to do it seems.
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    TTC: Lower Bay Station (closed to public)

    Or from another perspective: a space that could only be accessed through illegal and unsafe means is now open to a much wider audience (tourists AND residents).
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    Toronto Union Station Revitalization | ?m | ?s | City of Toronto | NORR

    Are you talking about the moat? Eventually I think there's supposed to be a roof over top but I think it will still be open air like it always has been.
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    Toronto Spadina Subway Extension Emergency Exits | ?m | 1s | TTC | IBI Group

    Interesting, the whole time they seemed to be saying the construction contractors were at fault for the delays, now it seems like the engineer might be at fault here. Arup is an enormous engineering firm, it'll be interesting to see how this plays out...
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    1233 Queen East | ?m | 8s

    Do you know if they'll be adding the additional handholds under the AC units? It seems like this has been talked about for years without any progress.
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    Toronto Spadina Subway Extension Emergency Exits | ?m | 1s | TTC | IBI Group

    The most delayed station is actually Steeles West (I can't bring myself to use its new name), not York.
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    Rob Ford's Toronto

    Maybe because it's not true? I'd believe just about anything to do with the mayor and drugs/alcohol but this still seems pretty farfetched for him.
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    VIA Rail - OC Transpo collision

    Well I think the only thing we can conclude is that as usual, eyewitness testimony is pretty much useless in determining what actually happened. Hopefully the train and bus had video recorders.
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    TTC during the July 8 2013 storm

    How is it fair to compare the two systems, they're totally different. TTC carries almost 10 times the number of passengers, and I'm sure operates WAAAAAAAAAAY more km per day than GO does. Also has a lot more crumbling infrastructure to deal with. That being said, TTC communication still does...
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    Restaurant Comings & Goings

    Just got an email from Calphalon Culinary School at King/Spadina - they're closing in July. Last day of classes is this Sunday. Hope noone had any gift certificates for classes, that's really short notice.
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    Rob Ford's Toronto

    So basically, the Ron Swansons of the world.
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    GO Transit: Service thread (including extensions)

    Does anyone know if any of the local transit agencies are adjusting their connecting routes yet to meet with the additional trains?
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    Toronto Billy Bishop Toronto City Airport | ?m | ?s | Ports Toronto | Arup

    Well it shouldn't have much of an effect on demand, the Pickering lands are way further from the city than Pearson is. Unless this means the feds are going to try to shut down Porter's plans.
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    Rob Ford's Toronto

    I think their window to play the rehab card expired when they started denying and ignoring everything. I can't imagine they could survive that... despite all the other scandals they've somehow emerged from.
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    Toronto 2 Queen West | 34.44m | 7s | Cadillac Fairview | Zeidler

    The city has a few problems with the small setbacks and lack of parking: Issues to be Resolved The preliminary issues identified below with the proposal and in particular the proposed lack of parking, reduced amenity space and increased density are significant. Of note is the floor plate of the...
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    Metrolinx: Presto Fare Card

    Same thing just happened to me... wish I could say I didn't expect this but Presto has never really been problem free for me.
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    Rob Ford's Toronto

    Bet he uses that as another excuse for why he's not releasing the video he supposedly has.
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    Rob Ford's Toronto

    David Rider on the Star's blog says 12. Qualified staff members is a different story it seems...
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    Rob Ford's Toronto

    Premature is a bit of an understatement, chances are this is just some random troll just trying to stir things up and see how much attention they can get.
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    Rob Ford's Toronto

    John Cook was on KISS 92.5 this morning - he definitely acknowledged they were over the limit but he said they still weren't in contact with their source (not that he would say otherwise even if they were...) He did say they would wait about a month before giving up... and was pretty vague about...