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    Toronto Bathurst College Centre | ?m | 4s | RioCan | Turner Fleischer

    A pretty significant amount of the rear laneway-facing side of the building is a living wall. It’s a nice detail.
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    Toronto 7 St Thomas | 38.71m | 9s | St. Thomas | Hariri Pontarini

    This is an absolute masterpiece.
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    Toronto The One | 328.4m | 91s | Mizrahi Developments | Foster + Partners

    Without the diagrid, there doesn't seem to be much to this design.
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    Toronto Bloor Street Revitalization | ?m | ?s | Bloor-Yorkville BIA | architectsAlliance

    According to one of the guys planting the trees, everything west of the mid-block crosswalk is elm (not sure what what kind) and then to the east it's Kentucky coffeetree.
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    Toronto Nahid on Broadview | ?m | 6s | Nahid Corporation | Options

    One has to hope that any objection to a new tower on the Estonian House site by Chester Hill Road residents would be tempered by the fact that such a tower would simply block the view of a much older and (likely) uglier tower.
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    Toronto Concord Canada House | 231.97m | 74s | Concord Adex | Arcadis

    It's got to be some sort of ruse or something. I refuse to believe that this is what they expect the final product to be.
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    Rob Ford's Toronto

    To speculate that Ford might be making this all up as a diversion tactic suggests that a whole team of medical professionals is also in on the con. I can't see it.
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    Toronto Library District Condominiums + Toronto's 99th Library | ?m | 29s | Context Development | KPMB

    Agreed. I bet it would lead to a few more tourist visits to the fort as well, if out-of-towners at the aquarium/CN Tower/sporting events realized it was just down the street.
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    Toronto Garrison Point | 118.56m | 35s | Cityzen | Hariri Pontarini

    Yep, the views from the higher floors on the east side of these buildings are going to be absolutely incredible. Thanks to the rail lines, that'll likely never change either.
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    Rob Ford's Toronto

    My favourite part of the documents so far is how it makes it look like Mark Towhey was fired for refusing to organize a pizza party.
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    Rob Ford's Toronto

    Pg. 351 indicates a domestic assault call to the mayor's house on August 27th of this year. This fuckin' guy...
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    Rob Ford's Toronto

    How would a snap election benefit anyone but the incumbent? This seems like an option that favours the mayor, who would have a much easier time organizing a campaign team. If he's not going to resign, let him continue on his merry way until either a) the wiretaps become public or b) Lisi flips...
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    Toronto Aura at College Park | 271.87m | 78s | Canderel | Graziani + Corazza

    I'm withholding opinion on the tower until it tops off, but that retail area in the basement is beyond redemption. I could see those storefronts being part of some adaptive reuse project in an older, low-rent building, but the fact that those pictures are of a brand new high profile downtown...
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    Toronto OnePark West | ?m | 13s | Daniels | Core Architects

    Has anyone noticed the large number of missing balcony glass panels on the south side of One Cole (I think, although I'm not sure of the names of the specific buildings)? The south side alone has at least a dozen missing panes of glass, and the entire complex is surrounded by protective...
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    Nathan Phillips Square Homeless Issue

    This really is much ado about nothing. I can't remember a single newsworthy incident involving homeless people in the square, is it really an issue? Are a couple of sleeping homeless guys really interfering with peoples' ability to enjoy the place at 3 in the damn morning? With all the "social...
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    Toronto One Bloor East | 257.24m | 76s | Great Gulf | Hariri Pontarini

    Just got an email from the Bloor-Yorkville BIA that states that construction is anticipated to start before the end of the month.
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    Midge Infestation!!!

    Don't worry, the spiders will be along soon enough to take care of them for you..
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    Toronto The Uptown Residences | ?m | 48s | Pemberton | Burka

    I hope they decide to light this building in an interesting way. I have my doubts as it's residential and would likely bother the people who live there, but some spotlights on the staggered floors could be a nice touch..
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    Rob Ford - Why the Supervillian?

    Not by a country mile. Having a tryst in your office doesn't put innocent lives in danger.