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    Valhalla Town Square (Edilcan) - Real Estate -

    Hi, If anybody is in the market to sell/rent a parking space, I'd be very interested. Shoot me a line at
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    The Toronto Tree Thread

    Interesting. They're fairly commonly planted as a street tree so that is strange. I'd be nice to see a numerical breakdown though I don't think the City keeps that, but I'd say there's a least one on every other street here in my little slice of Etobicokian suburbia. I'll keep a keener eye on...
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    The Toronto Tree Thread

    Tulip Tree is a Carolinian indicator species that reaches the northern limits of its range in Toronto. Although it's planted widely as a street tree, it also grows in the wild in a few spots, such as the Yellow Creek ravine, Toronto Island, and where the below shots were taken, along the...
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    The Toronto Tree Thread

    Thanks. So these were located between Home Smith Park Road and the Humber River, maybe 300 metres south of Dundas Street (could be even less than that). I have some other shots of naturally growing sassafras and tulip tree that I'll post eventually.
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    The Toronto Tree Thread

    Hello, First post here. I joined because I have some photos to share and don't know anyone in "the real world" that has my nerdy appreciation of tree taxonomy. So, hopefully you''ll find this interesting. Ohio Buckeye (Aesculus Glabra) is a tree native to the Carolinian forest region of...