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    Toronto Waterworks Building Redevelopment | 47.55m | 13s | MOD Developments | Diamond Schmitt

    The stresses and strains of an urban lifestyle for certain tree species may well shorten their useful or perhaps more usefully stated, safe lifespan, then those in the back lot in a rural location. And the risk of a fall in the back lot runs into the category of a normal life cycle event on the...
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    Toronto Rail Deck District | 227.23m | 70s | Craft Dev Corp | Sweeny &Co

    Public walkways serving as access to commercial enterprises with a minimum of green to seem ’green’? And the public open spaces remain ‘potential’? Sounds like a good deal for someone not named John Q Public.
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    Toronto Central Condos | 138.98m | 46s | Concord Adex | DIALOG

    The parking is pretty cheap as well. We should be slapping a flat fee parking tax on top of that. I think that’s been discussed elsewhere as well and NL has documented the citied discussions. A no brainer in my books. And would it not be nice to see a similar sign advertising locked bicycle...
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    TTC: Electric and alternative fuel buses

    I could not find a thread for Oakville Transit (rural wi fi speeds are brutal) but thought I would post this photo here. This is an OT electric bus. In operation? Maybe? As a ‘handivan-type’? I could not get close enough for a good side view, but the unit is short and possibly with a larger side...
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    Mississauga Brightwater I & II | ?m | 14s | PCWVP | Diamond Schmitt

    Any updates on Brightwater since Tims fly past in July? I have not had business in the area and so have not seen the progress. I am curious about the treatments applied to the frontage along Lakeshore that appeared to be getting underway. Pedestrian friendly street scape? Bicycle lanes and other...
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    VIA Rail

    Recently, in the past 10 years, our company had discussions with the carriers about movements in volume from both coasts to the Toronto and Ontario area and were always taken aback by the time required and the attitude - ”Here is our service, if you don’t like it, get a truck”. So, yes...
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    Exhibition Place

    I see that the Indy car races are back for 2024. I have mixed opinions about this. One, I haven”t been in years, and two, although I appreciated the ease of getting there (GO), I never thought it was that great a race or a race facility. And then three, the Toronto summer calendar is getting so...
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    Allan Gardens Revitalization Plan

    The level of basic workplace health and safety, plus the handling of hazardous materials on surfaces, ground and air, must be a large % of this bill. And one the city would be well crucified for in skimping on.
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    Burlington Burlington Creekside Retirement Living | 18.1m | 4s | Fieldgate | Kirkor Architects

    My Tyandaga friends would say that you are wrong. It is a bunch of houses, it was designed that way, and they are quite happy with their community. Thank you very much. Having said that, yes, the walkability to local services is quite low, excluding parks and sports facilities. And by design...
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    Oakville 590 Argus Road | 196.5m | 58s | Distrikt Group | Teeple Architects

    This article from Inside Halton and is interesting for its variety of view points and the apparent struggles to transition from a car reliant focused community, to one of greater balance. Locally, there is a lot of talk about the height, basically twice the zoning allowance, and the impact on...
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    Miscellany Toronto Photographs: Then and Now

    Well that was certainly progress.
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    TTC/Metrolinx: Scarborough Subway Extension

    I am assuming retrofitting the structure as a busway is not possible?
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    Allan Gardens Revitalization Plan

    Not trying to be a smart ass, but ’led’ paint?
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    Burlington Burlington Creekside Retirement Living | 18.1m | 4s | Fieldgate | Kirkor Architects

    The only argument I would add is that at one time the strip mall had a ‘corner’ store etc and overtime, the mall has evolved to the state it is now. I cannot argue four stories in the new proposal, and a retirement home, more then reasonable, and hopefully day care facilities at the ground...
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    Burlington BeauSoleil | 103.7m | 29s | Carriage Gate | Turner Fleischer

    If I remember correctly, the area is zoned for multi stories as it should be. So the shadow problem would exist at certain times of the day for those properties within the shadow line. However, if memory serves, the developer appealed for extra height, as developers do, and the committee caved...
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    Planned Sprawl in the GTA

    I am shocked. Never thought this would happen. Maybe the 413 will be next. A couple of things come to mind a) the fine print, b) protecting farmland from ’estate’ ‘farms’, c) keeping the pressure on the province, cities etc, to open up single family zoning close to major transport nodes or lines...
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    Mayor Olivia Chow's Toronto

    I picked up the paper edition of the Globe tonight and noticed a letter to the editor that does not seem to be a part of the digital version. The letter is written by the Mayor of Newmarket, John Taylor. It addresses Doug Fords recent contemplation of a new financial deal for Toronto, when to...
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    Mississauga Sheridan Centre Redevelopment: Buildings A1 & G1 | 52.1m | 15s | SRI | Dunpar Homes

    Linking the Clarkson GO, with the Dundas Busway and further north through the HWY 403 Busway and then further north to the 401/407 employment areas. Erin Mills is a 6 lane arterial, but for superior bus service, some form of dedicated transit lane would or could be a worthwhile project. In...
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    Mississauga Sheridan Centre Redevelopment: Buildings A1 & G1 | 52.1m | 15s | SRI | Dunpar Homes

    Don't disagree at all. I am sure has a very broad set of general specified uses that any organization ( in the event of a specific proposal) have to comply with and then fit with the surrounding uses. So beyond the testing to see what is emanating from the ground in any state, how it may be...
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    Mississauga Sheridan Centre Redevelopment: Buildings A1 & G1 | 52.1m | 15s | SRI | Dunpar Homes

    This is slightly off topic, so I'll just reference the information in regard to Springbank Park and the now Special Site 2. Both are the near adjacent passive and active park sites covering a former quarry / landfill and of interest to the proposed redevelopment of the Erin Mills Mall. From...