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    Time and Space Condos (Pemberton) - Real Estate -

    Does anyone know if there's a forum or Facebook group or something for current residents to share information about progress of carpet installation, what we've heard from taking to crossbridge/pemberton, etc.? Maybe this thread is the closest that exists?
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    Time and Space Condos (Pemberton) - Real Estate -

    No idea how accurate this info is, but heard that the final close is happening for all T&S as a whole. And that Pemberton is looking to occupy more of the northern towers before close--I think you're looking at H1 2024.
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    Time and Space Condos (Pemberton) - Real Estate -

    For the Occupancy period before Closing, it looks like there's a Interim Occupancy Fee charged that's comprised of a few things, one being the interest on the unpaid balance. Does anyone know what interest is typically used? Is it based off of the prime rate?
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    Toronto Time and Space Condos | 101.8m | 29s | Pemberton | Wallman Architects

    Agreed! Will need to add that to my playbook. When "hot enough for ya eh?" fails, there's always "so how 'bout that Time and Space?"