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    Singapore vs Toronto

    when I went to Singapore, the first thing my taxi driver said to me, "it's a fine city; there are fines for everything." I dunno if it's a old joke amongst the people, but I laughed.
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    Toronto PATH Retail

    last month, i went to a place called sultan’s grill in royal bank plaza. they had just opened. i went again the week afterward and one of the server’s asked me, “when is everybody coming back?” i said, “some banks are planning mid-january for rto.” he said, “that’s good. we had to open, we...
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    Dungeons and Dragons gift ideas?

    some people like the figurines (painted, premium ones).
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    it moved into the loblaws.
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    Toronto PATH Retail

    The LCBO was opened last week, Tuesday to Friday I think. if you're looking for a non-busy LCBO, this is one to go to.
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    Toronto The Bentway (was Under Gardiner) | ?m | ?s | Waterfront Toronto

    I'm sorry if this is a repeat, but there was a blurb in Waterfront Toronto board meeting minutes that the bridge will no longer be built.
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    Toronto Bike Share not saying this would happen in Toronto, but it's a pretty crazy story.
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    Baby, we got a bubble!?

    they've been saying that for a long while about hk. interesting enough, prices there might be dropping.
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    The Urban Heat Island - Action Needed

    some ideas. some ideas were already mentioned.
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    Toronto Bike Share it's just a little soggy. it's still good. it's still good.
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    Amazon Second HQ
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    Toronto Bike Share pros and cons...
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    TO Core Downtown Plan

    that's what I've been hearing too. just wondered if it was official.
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    TO Core Downtown Plan

    does anybody know when this will be approved by city council?
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    Toronto Bike Share

    The very first time I used a Bixi I couldn't believe how heavy it was. Twice the weight of other bikes I rode in the past. I think it took two rides to get use to it. Perhaps they could be lighter. I dunno. I dunno if lighter bike share bikes used in Singapore could withstand a Canadian...
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    Toronto Bike Share

    Bike Share is well-liked (increasing well-used) and plays a significant role in rounding out Toronto's biking infrastructure. What kind of bikes would you suggest Bike Share use instead of the ones that they're currently using? Light road bikes with skinny tires?
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    Toronto Bike Share

    I dunno how long a Bixi bike lasts, but I've used them every winter since they've been introduced. They're well maintained. I've never had a problem, not even once.
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    Toronto West Block Est. 1928, The LakeShore, and The LakeFront | 130.75m | 41s | Choice Properties | a—A

    I'm not sure if this has been posted... i think it's a proposal to better integrate with the bentway.