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  1. Brandon716

    Justin Trudeau?

    Considering how terribly bad Ford was as a candidate and is as a mayor, I think his speech was spot-on. Trudeau has all the right ingredients to bring new people back into the federal Liberal fold. He's as popular as a Liberal can be in Quebec, which is amazing in and of itself, he can pull...
  2. Brandon716

    Premier Dalton McGuinty resigns

    Gerard Kennedy seems like an obvious choice. Glen Murray could be viable, but I do worry about his recent transplant status from Manitoba to Ontario. Maybe it doesn't matter. In terms of scandal, ORNGE is an issue of not enough government oversight, not something the government did actively...
  3. Brandon716

    Toronto Crosstown LRT | ?m | ?s

    Mind you we're fighting over what is essentially suburban transit services. Does Toronto really need to focus so heavily on improving far-suburban locations like Finch or Sheppard when the old city needs DRL now? Sheppard subway isn't a failure, for its short length it serves more than many...
  4. Brandon716

    Toronto Crosstown LRT | ?m | ?s

    No, we don't support Rob Ford. The biggest problem with $8 billion in funding is that the Miller/Giambrone setup could have made it a priority to build a DRL and forget LRT altogether. $8 billion would have went a long way toward DRL if the previous leadership would have made it a priority...
  5. Brandon716

    Roads: Increase Ontario 400-series Highway Speed Limit

    I would love for the speed to be upped to 120, if possible 130 and not start getting tickets until 140-150. I don't forsee unlimited speeds, but would be nice to get above 100 for a change.
  6. Brandon716

    Toronto Spadina Subway Extension Emergency Exits | ?m | 1s | TTC | IBI Group

    Denver sounds better on paper I think than it sounds in real life. The built urban environment in Denver is so tiny its hard to see it being used, I could see them building this massive LRT network with commuter service and it going to waste and it'll essentially become a smaller version of...
  7. Brandon716

    Toronto Crosstown LRT | ?m | ?s

    You're right, the LRT network wouldn't be a streetcar network. It'd be two streetcars articulated running in the middle of the street, no different from Spadina or St Clair W, with stoplight priority running at the same average speeds. *Totally* different technology. LOL Let's not kid...
  8. Brandon716

    While Toronto fought like kids on the playground, Los Angeles got serious.

    ^Isn't it a bit of a stretch to link all union activity to the mob?
  9. Brandon716

    Why to support the Liberal Party

    At least I grew up in a democratic nation, you grew up in the Middle East in a nation without democracy, therefore you don't understand how democracy works. ...Now if you understand how silly that statement sounds, you will understand how silly you are Keithz. You are on my ignore list, but I...
  10. Brandon716

    Why to support the Liberal Party

    What was really destroyed last night were my chances for coming to Canada. The Conservatives have limited immigration significantly, but have used new category titles to cover it up and look like they are expanding it. I don't feel like getting into a full discussion again, but I'm going to try...
  11. Brandon716

    Why to support the Liberal Party

    ^BTW, seeing the NDP rally kind of reminded me of how losing can be a bliss of ignorance. The NDP lost.. No matter how good the party succeeded, no matter how much of an increase in ridings they won, they still lost to a Harper Majority Government. You shouldn't celebrate all kinds of things you...
  12. Brandon716

    Why to support the Liberal Party

    Of course I was right. Quebec is on a completely different playing field than the rest of Canada, there is no Conservative base there at present day. The NDP surge didn't translate into a surge in Atlantic Canada or Ontario... In most of Canada a vote for the NDP is simply a vote for Harper...
  13. Brandon716

    Why to support the Liberal Party

    I think the NDP surge is very simple to examine. Chantal Hebert had it right the other day. She said part of what happened in Quebec is that the PQ and the Bloc got together in a meeting - in the middle of the federal election - and essentially started rumoring that they are supporting...
  14. Brandon716

    2011 Federal Election Result Predictions

    1) Hyperbolic Cynicism 2) Hyperbolic Cynicism 3) Hyperbolic Cynicism 4) Hyperbolic Cynicism The parties have real platforms that go beyond cynicism. I hope people in Ontario and Atlantic Canada realize they need to stick with the Liberals to avoid a vote split, then maybe the NDP...
  15. Brandon716

    Why to support the Liberal Party

    Here's how arguments go since the Liberals have been bashed so heavily in the media in the past decade. 1) If Liberals run on their proud record, they are clinging to the past, have no offerings for the future. 2) If Liberals propose ideas, the mantra becomes they are running away from...
  16. Brandon716

    Why to support the Liberal Party

    I expected nothing less than a healthy challenge, and I welcome all the comments. For the record, I've never been in love with Ignatieff, I preferred Gerard Kennedy back in 06. Only a few days until we find out!
  17. Brandon716

    Why to support the Liberal Party

    Also, why is the media giving the Conservatives a pass on massive corruption and fraud? Let's put this in perspective: The Liberals had a scandal that began and ended in the late 90's, early 00's revolving around Sponsorship. It was a scandal where approximately $100 million in funds were...
  18. Brandon716

    Please please please do NOT vote Conservative

    I'll extend this by saying don't waste a vote on the useless Green Party. Don't vote for splitting the left and supporting the NDP, who is responsible for the Harper Government to begin with. And why would anyone waste a vote for a separatist party like the Bloc? Vote Liberal if you want to...
  19. Brandon716

    Why to support the Liberal Party

    I started playing around with federal debt numbers after listening to David Frum babble about how horrible Trudeau was for Canada... Turns out Mulroney expanded debt far more than Trudeau. Here are a few stats to view for federal debt in Canada. Year - Debt (in $Millions) 1970 - $20,293...
  20. Brandon716

    Ignatieff is useless

    Well it is up to Canadians to do homework and listen to the substance. Each individual can choose on May 2nd. Iggy did talk about plans, he went over the education passport, his plans to balance the budget by rolling back tax cuts for corporations to a competitive 18%, and then focused on how...