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    Toronto U of T: The Gateway | ?m | ?s | Westbank

    UTS had to pay to replace the windows on the entire Bloor frontage, including the part which will make up this new development, as the façade is heritage listed. It would be cruel and unusual punishment for the UTS community, who had to fundraise to replace UofT windows, to watch those windows...
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    Toronto Ontario Place | ?m | ?s | Infrastructure Ontar

    The population living the Spadina-Fork York area has increased immensely since 2011 - I am not sure of the exact figures but it has doubled(!) in the time between 2015 and 2021, so it is safe to say more than doubled. The population all along the lakeshore as also increased immensely. Much of...
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    Toronto Ontario Line | ?m | ?s

    This picture is missing a 15+ storey development on top of every building I suspect.
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    Toronto Ontario Line | ?m | ?s

    It would save pedestrian death/injuries to move the streetcar ROW from the centre of the avenue westwards to where the southbound traffic lanes are currently. Even if we couldn’t do it for the length of Spadina, it would really help through Chinatown. It would also help with transfers to the OL...
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    Toronto Hyatt House Downtown Toronto | 44.81m | 15s | Manga | Sweeny &Co

    Apparently they are trying to do geothermal here..
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    Toronto MRKT | 53.03m | 15s | Tridel | CS&P

    There are two cranes on this site now - the second one went up this morning!
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    TTC: Other Items (catch all)

    You know, the TTC fundamentally exists as a transit system (the clue is in the name). If security and police discriminate between those who are using the TTC system as a transit system, and those who are behaving in a way that mean that others can't use it as a transit system, I don't think that...
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    TTC: Other Items (catch all)

    Much of the discussion about problems on the TTC treat the entire system as homogeneous. From my very limited observations, that really isn't the case. I see homeless individuals asleep on the university line subway cars and other riders co-existing without there being major issues. On the...
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    222 Spadina (Supportive Housing within former hotel space)

    If this supportive housing project was aiming for a Dec 2021 occupancy, it has widely missed the mark. Progress in renovations seems very slow and certainly no sign of occupancy 13 months beyond that date.
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    Toronto Ontario Line: Exhibition Station | ?m | ?s | Metrolinx | HDR

    I liked indense's idea that the station served the secondary function of linking the areas north and south of the Gardiner together seamlessly. The fact that the station does not extend underneath the Gardiner means that isn't really the case. AmJ
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    Toronto Ontario Line | ?m | ?s

    Talking to some of the surveying crews, they were Spanish (or possibly Italian) for the most part and unfamiliar with the city.
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    TTC: Other Items (catch all)

    The heavy presence of transport police in London was a response to the mainland IRA bombing campaigns in the 1980’s and 90’s rather than dealing with roughsleepers (homeless citizens). Their task remains primarily anti-terrorism. If they think that you might tick, they will remove you away from...
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    GO Transit Fleet Equipment and other

    It's not an anecdotal story @smallspy - and I think that @cplchanb understands my point. Google "Cornish Riviera Express" and you will get plenty of information about the run he drove, the engines that were used etc. It was quite a famous service at the time. I will give you that "stopping...
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    GO Transit Fleet Equipment and other

    It's so sad. My G. Grandfather drove an express steam train on a 225.5 miles (~ 360 km) run, which was scheduled for 4 hours, and they weren't allowed to be late! That's an average of 90 km/h and that included letting the passengers on and off, taking on water etc. He finished driving in 1952...
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    Toronto Ontario Line | ?m | ?s

    Boxes of stuff was being carried into the old Fancy Frank’s (453 Queen W) by a bunch of construction-engineer-type individuals in hi-vis. They aren’t mucking about at Queen/Spadina. The city is going to need to think about parking restrictions on the street sooner rather than later as there is...
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    2022/23 Russian-Ukrainian War

    The soil in Eastern Ukraine is very dense and forms thick heavy mud. During periods of heavy rainfall and above freezing temperatures, it is difficult to move heavy vehicles/equipment and large numbers of people through off-road spaces. This bezdorizhzhya season will end as the temperatures...
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    Toronto U of T: University of Toronto Schools | 20.42m | 3s | Diamond Schmitt

    The UTS kids looove those outdoor benches for some reason, and I can see more being added.
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    Toronto Love Park | 3m | 1s | City of Toronto

    I think that there is similar artificial grass in the unleashed dog area in St. Andrews playground park, although as my dog refuses to go anywhere near it I haven't actually walked on it.