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    Metrolinx: Presto Fare Card

    I was just sharing information in response to someone who had concerns over their phone being dead. Knowing that’s an option is always a nice backup. Personally, running out of battery is a really common experience after a night out and no way I’m bringing a battery pack to the bars.
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    Toronto 19 Duncan | 186.53m | 58s | Westbank | Hariri Pontarini

    Balcony glass is going up, definitely the weakest part of this otherwise beautiful building
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    Toronto Artists' Alley | 121.91m | 39s | Lanterra | Hariri Pontarini

    Glad this project is getting more love and attention lately. Guess it’s been kind of tucked away but the materials used here are definitely above average and deserves to be seen!
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    Downtown Grocery Store List (current + proposed)

    Adidas did vacate their spot at The Tenor (10 Dundas E), maybe they’ll takeover that spot?
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    Metrolinx: Presto Fare Card

    I'm not sure how they plan on implementing Presto but I know with iOS and Express Transit on iPhones, you're able to still tap even when the phone is 'off' and battery is 'empty' (or not enough to run the OS)
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    Toronto 357 King West | 148.13m | 42s | Great Gulf | BDP Quadrangle

    Hydro work strikes again! Who had money on 'Under 1 month'?
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    Toronto 160 Front West | 239.87m | 46s | Cadillac Fairview | AS + GG

    A shot from today showing the building in the skyline
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    Toronto The Well | 174.03m | 46s | RioCan | Hariri Pontarini

    Amazing how quickly fully protected bike lanes can go up without NIMBYs in the way
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    Toronto West Condos | 46.51m | 14s | Aspen Ridge | Core Architects

    You know what, I'll give them the fact that the tower portion has some visual interest that looks to be well executed.
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    Toronto Concord Canada House | 231.97m | 74s | Concord Adex | Arcadis

    Is that a delivery person on an e-bike stopped on the Gardiner!?
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    Toronto Nobu Residences Toronto | 156.66m | 45s | Madison Group | Teeple Architects

    More of the ground level heritage has been uncovered.
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    Toronto 2 Queen West | 34.44m | 7s | Cadillac Fairview | Zeidler

    Photo of the fire at 2 Queen St W. This poor building just can’t catch a break. Source:
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    Toronto Bike Share

    Love hearing that! They need to start implementing this for Jays games and shows at Budweiser Stage. Surely they also have data for when Trinity Bellwoods, Woodbine Beach, or any other public event is causing crowding at a location and actively deploy truckloads of bikes. Dynamic Superstations...
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    Toronto Q Tower | 197.4m | 59s | Lifetime | Wallman Architects

    I'm quite sour at their approach to preserving/recreating the original building facade some of the worst attempts at integrating I've seen. The retail is another aspect I'm not a fan of, instead of continuing the street wall and creating a visually interesting bend that follows the curve of...
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    Toronto Q Tower | 197.4m | 59s | Lifetime | Wallman Architects

    Was trying to figure out why this nightmare of a podium felt so familiar and realized it's a squat version of Tableau's podium… also by Wallman (of Time and Space fame). If they wanted to copy and paste themselves at least choose something like Ten York.
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    Toronto 160 Front West | 239.87m | 46s | Cadillac Fairview | AS + GG

    If you zoom in you can see where the GIANT TD logo will be
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    Toronto Portland Commons | 71.7m | 15s | Carttera | Sweeny &Co

    Bit of a disappointing South West corner, if that's the final look. Definitely a bit different from the original renders.
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    Toronto 19 Duncan | 186.53m | 58s | Westbank | Hariri Pontarini

    Future park will have a nice view of this tower. Here’s a shot from May 10 and a shot from May 11. Looks like the second crane is up to dismantle the main crane!
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    Toronto Ontario Line: Corktown Station | ?m | ?s | Metrolinx | HDR

    Metrolinx had an instagram post that shows us a bit of the archeological work they’re doing inside the tent